For a doctor to buy the necessarj- office apparatus, books, drugs, and other equipment, to render services of the highest efliciency, requires the expenditure of a great deal of money. The taking away of blood, in whatever way it acts, is ascertained by long and universal experience to be one of our most powerful remedies.

Whooping cough occurred sporadically; also measles and scarlet various types of malarial fever which have occurred in North graphic description of the variety of phases which the malarial influence has developed in the successive years, and his experience of the modifications of treatment required. It is necessary that while we have the head pressed back so as to bend the neck and loosen the posterior muscles of the neck and nuchae that we draw the nuchae up into place. Renaudot et I'introduction de la medication chimique. The enforced rest of the eye thus obtained is an important aid in diminishing the congestion. Gruening, of New York, had seen a number of cases in which he was led to infer that the ulceration of the drum -head was due to tuberculosis. No after-dressing will then be necessary except cold water, or possibly a poultice to relieve pain. He was an inventor of several devices and of a spring shock absorber, used on automobile tires. It is made by pouring a pound of water upon an ounce of bark in powder, and allowing it to stand for twenty-four hours. You must have action, excretion of the skin, so fetch on the nerve and blood supply for both fascia and skin. In Borneo the he has never seen a case of malignant disease of the mamma in a native of India. At any rate, so far as a doctor can guess, it is evident that there will be some fearful fighting along these lines if anything of this kind In the meantime, the surgeons and assistants are enjoying a degree of quietude that, were it not for the cannon-roar, would be almost monotonous. Since the last-mentioned date these attacks of local asphyxia have recurred on each exposure to cold.

In order to accomplish this, it is necessary not only to investigate the symptoms as they present themselves, but it is often necessary to obtain from every available source, information as to how the symptoms arose, under what circumstances they came into existence, what kind of a person the patient was before he broke down, what the hereditary influences were; or laboratory methods may be required to settle the question of the causation. Still we have not found the cause of the failure of nerve force to empty the capillaries into the veins, thence to the heart nor can we until we examine the pneumogastric nerve and find the point on that nerve where force is cut off or weakened by some pressure on the nerve. Mann was confined there, but his experiences only served to awaken him further to the real significance of the great struggle, and it was after his release that he appeared as an author. If necessary, which it very rarely is, the bladder should be emptied by means of a catheter. The great majority of these trachoma patients were people who lived in remote sections far removed from medical assistance, and who, but for the hospital care and treatment provided would have, remained victims of the disease practically the remainder of their lives. This is shown by its ability to overcome great resistances, and to pass obstacles which would effectually check the weaker dynamic currents.

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