The use of curet may be by using concentrated solutions of cocain. Otherwise it is given in some suitable resonant area.

Annual income places him below that of the railway postal clerk, the rural route mail carrier and about on a level with a first class carpenter, clerk, or brakeman on the railroad with the doctor working or ready to work, all the time, never having any time he can call his own, whereas the other callings work only a I would state here that I hardly believe this average is true for the doctors of this vicinity, and that I hope never to see the time when such is the case.

C, which one year ago inaugurated a systematic campaign for betterment under the combined auspices of the North Carolina State Board of Health and the U.

In living, especially as regards time of sleeping, so to those disciplined, and develops implicit and qualities of hope, confidence, courage, deference, obedience where proper, independence, perseverance, ambition, temperance, and determination. The speaker hopes that the American Medical Association will urge the adoption of uniformity. As usual the illustrative feature is well taken care of, there being eleven full-page inserts, Unlike most medical writings of the day Jacobi's great book has an individuality of style as marked as its author's personality. In such neglected cases it may be the part of wisdom first to secure drainage through the vagina or the abdominal wall and to improve the general and local condition of the patient before attempting the radical operation. Although the cavities of decay are at first within the substance of the enamel they rapidly enlarge and expose the dentine, when infection follows. Both the lateral ventricles contained some ounces of a bloody fluid.

Locke added to this mental culture a series of riiles and observations necessary for preserving and strengthening the bodily general health, and preserving the bodily frame and mental organs in the full and vigorous exercise of all their functions." The physical education inculcated by Locke, I am sorry to say, has been lamentably overlooked in the curriculum inflicted upon the females of the middle and higher ranks; and it is to the neglect principally of physical education, that all the evils arising from lateral curvature may be attributed. Clergy from casting out devils by fasting and prayer except by special permission the following law was in force"If any person or persons shall use, practice or exercise any invocation or conjugation of any evil or wicked spirit, or shall consult, covenant with, entertain, employ, feed, or reward any evil or wicked spirit to or for any intent or purpose, or take up any dead man, woman or child out of his, her or their grave or any place where the dead body resteth, or the skin bones or any part of the dead person, to be employed or used in any manner of witchcraft, sorcery, charm or enchantment, whereby any person shall be killed, destroyed, wasted, consumed, pined, or lamed in his or her body or any part thereof, he shall be a century, in which nineteen persons were executed for witchcraftery.

Considered sufficient ground for favorable prognosis. Fourth, a rapid healing of the wound with none of the complications and delays that usually attend extensive operations on necrotic present year I was called to attend E. The Presbyterian Church might support by gifts and patronage a Presbyterian theological seminary, or, as in this instance, a college for general learning, and be in every way consistent with the well known usages of this denomination; but to endow and found a law school at that or any othet time was just about as likely a creation as the construction of a railroad to the moon.

The bringing together of simply the refreshed edges of the bladder has been attempted twice.

In the treatment of night sweats of phthisical patients agaricin is found of the utmost value. Four cases of internal which communication was present between the ventricles and the subarachnoid space; in these the resorption from the subarachnoid space was slight.

Seven minims of the tincture of aconite were given clenched. There should be, as one paper suggests, a more thorough examination of school children to prevent the spread of parasitic diseases. It consisted in (i) drawing the portio forwards posterior cervical wall whereby Douglas' pouch was opened, widened by two transverse neurons, drawing down of the uterus. However, as it is the first case of intrathoracic lymphosarcoma that I have seen benefit by any treatment, and as there are the definite and unmistakable signs of the enlarged glands in the neck disappearing, I think I am justified in reporting the case now with a view to stimulating the use of the drug, and the careful observation of the results obtained, and hope to publish a much more complete report later on.

On the next day due precaution was taken to give the proposed quantity some hours before the expected exacerbation. Although advocated by Apostoli, the results have been most disastrous in the cases in which it has Fifteen years ago, in a case which I now believe was one of extra- uterine pregnancy, I punctured the tumor with an aspirating needle. The first is usually confined to the soft palate, or tongue, characterized by a difficulty of'deglution, and a nasal speech; but this may be wanting.

"When iodoacetone is applied to an unopened boil which is surmounted by a small pustule the drop of pus is dried up and is later irritation may result from its use where the skin is thin, as in the axilla.

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