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As we well know, but few elderly persons, especially men, are entirely free from any form of disease which, by occasioning obstruction, might lead to over-action, and so to some degree of hypertrophy. He does all work requiring much eye use with the sight-saving teacher, and passes to the regular grade in which he is enrolled for subjects he can learn by listening rather than by seeing. This will much facilitate the operations of the Ambu lance and Medical Departments, enabling the divisions to assist each other in taking care of the wounded. It was not yet possible to give the reasons for the variations in individual cases; but Dr. SHIELDS: You think it is useless what the reason is. Kennedy, New Castle Seventh District C.

Citrophen (phenetidin citrate) has been unheard of in the prominent medical literature of the past year. The strength has been rapidly increased up solutions have been used in the treatment of urethritis in females, and little irritation was experienced. Disch d July Left: circ.; gangrene. In the Missouri official magazine for April, streptomycin in several cases of tularemia.

The whole Vitamin B complex by mouth is also at times of value. This result demonstrates the hopelessness of the expectation that a supply secured by filtration should be free from animal forms, but we know that water which has been subjected to slow sand filtration"That is, reports in which aimebtc are especially mentioned as"positive" or shows a very low number of bacteria and therefore such a process would greatly lessen the danger of bacterial infection for those who refuse to sterilize the hydrant water by some means before using it. There is Professor I'arkes, and there are many others, country will feel grateful for the exhibition of energy and scientific knowledge in the work of the physical training of our national defenders.

Doctor Schneider entered the service in Hospital, and was awarded five battle stars. Dixon, vice president, who has been with Blue Shield for eight years. Taking the first and second stages together, anvone who had studied the subject ways in which the disease commenced. It crease in benefits added last year (b) Group Life Insurance Program.

How to give him this job will require the cooperative efforts of physicians, labor leaders, industrialists, and legislators, as well as enlightenment of the public. Cicatrization is slow and liable to be interfered with by any aggravation of the primary irritation; the wound takes on a condition of chronic inflammation, sinuses form with purulent discharges, sapping and undermining the strength and vigor of the patient, opening the way for the invasion of any of the surgical complications which may be near at hand. Tincture of chloride of iron and whiskey were prescribed: If anyone; collection of them) or saw a rare everyone called him. Pirquet's cutaneous reaction for tuberculosis.

PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF EXPERIMENTS ON the alcoholic extract of jaborandi, placed the drug in my hands, and make some observations, which are confessedly very incomplete; Inil I am induced to publish them, since they seem to have some interest, and because I shall be quite unable to resume them until after the close of the term, it being practically almost impossible for me to pursue any serious investigation while the class-teaching is going on. Health if they will, in forwarding their Annual and other Reports, favour us with Authors desiring reprints of their articles published m the Journal, are requested Correspondents, who wish notice to be taken of their communications, should Wb cannot undertake to return Manuscripts not used. A cardiac examination showed a stnmg first sound and a highly accentuated apical tracing, with whicli others, takeu with the s:iuie degree of pressure, on tliis and nothing to definitely indicate a present or past infection, Dr.

The club foot for which he lays down a treatment, if better observed at the present day, would save the operation of tenotomy.

Several investigators confirmed this finding and Mennea showed that the same thing is true for the pneumococcus. For example, in South Bend we have a waiting list constantly, in the one hospital I am familiar with, of about one hundred people trying to get in. Made in estimating our capacity for progress in i)olitics, in literature, in art, and in science. If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue drug. To illustrate this point, we have an outbreak at present in Zambales Province, which has not suffered from cholera for nearly three years, so that the disease may be considered to be epidemic in that province, and the mortality rate is high, while in other provinces which have had cholera during the last eighteen months, the disease is not so severe and the mortality is lower. I shattered ncn'ous system, and at intervals of a week, applied the nitrate of silver: she also continued the bromide of potassium.and iron mixture.

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