The authors conclude that the infective agent of influenza is a filter-passing' organism, and that the virus does not occur in the blood either in man or monkeys; Pfeiffer's bacillus, it should be noted, has occasionally been found in the The unanimous opinion of the members of the War Office conference, that inoculation with a suitable vaccine might be expected to be of value in the control of the incidence and severity of the epidemic, will have been read with interest.

When rupture takes place into a vessel systemic infection promptly follows. Of these, it is enough to say that brandy, strychnine, and digitalis had the effect expected of them, but none on the general course of tho disease, and can merely be classed as useful adjuvants. The top will be readily unscrcweil, leaving the cylinder oijen for cleausing. The leaves carminative, but is now rarely used ( Once virility has been established, an extremely small dose will preserve the psychosexual and physiosexual characteristics essential to potency. Intense cold, itself, is a cause, and proves more operative when gradually, than when suddenly applied. For obvious reasons, however, care should be relief which follows its use may readily lead to the patient's seeking an injection upon the slightest indication of dyspnea, not infrequently with the development of a habit which leaves him in a worse condition than before, Heroin may be used in its place, or sodium bromid; chloral hydrate, while very effective, in many cases is too depressing to be employed save per cent, cocain hydrochlorate solution is open to the same but occasionally it may be employed with benefit in cases of For many years the nitrites have been held in high repute for the treatment of the paroxysms, and in many cases of relief when administered early in the attack. Every one will sympatiiize with the object of tliis measure, hut at the same time it will liave to be carried out with great discretion if the work of the hospitals is not to be crippled for lack of house physicians and housesurgeons. It is planned to construct and assemble at least one more of these base hospital units. I have noticed that the process almost invariably terminates in pulmonary tuberculosis, and par' Cohnheim contends that coal particles do not produce irritative changes in the lung, and that the latter are due to irritating substances inhaled with the particles of ticularly is this true of cases that follow the inhalation of mineral and knife- and axe-grinding, and millstone-making. This officer collected and carried them to trenches, where he dressed their wounds, constantly under heavy fire.

Bring rapidly to a boil and keep on ice.

Developmental processes in children, such as dentition, and at puberty, particularly when the v'oice-changes are looked for, are often retarded or perverted. The cardiac pain, whether accompanied by hyiiei'aesthesia or not, is merely the distress signal of an organ compelled to work in spite of a food supply, at least altered chemically.

A passionate impulse of human sympathy with the wronged and afflicted raised hospitals, endowed charities, built churches, sent missionaries to the heathen, supported Burke in his plea for the Hindoo, and Clarkson and Wilberforce iu their crusada against the iniquity of the slave trade." Among the hospitals founded during this period were: In.Scotland iu six large towns. During the following days"Many patients, especially those who suffer readily from dyspnea, cannot tolerate complete baths at first. The illustrations are admirable; they are the joint production of Bagg and Adlard, and comprise within the series the best obstetrical plates of our best obstetrical authors, ancient and modern.

When grafts are to be applied to an infected or granulating surface, they are grafts cut in strips, practically full thickness in the middle and thin as Thiersch grafts at the edges; these are easily cut along the raised surface of the novocain infiltrated skin with a sharp scalpel. Moss (deceased) or offices can be leased FINE LOCATION FOR E E N T DOCTOR Successful Metropolitan practice discontinued due to call to Z. - (A decoction evaporated.) The active principles are similar to those of the bark in substance; but it is not so effectual, owing to the chymical change induced in the drug during the boiling. The events of the last four years, and especially the treatment of prisoners, have proved that the German system leads to a low standard of competence, and a still lower standard of conduct. With this one possible exception, the pulmonary manifestations of acquired syphilis are an accompaniment of the tertiary stage. The disease has occurred at various times, both in this country and Europe; and in a mitigated form, it occurs among When the countenance would assume a placid, inanimate expression, with the skin polished, and of a leaden or bronzed complexion, hope was diminished.

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