Cold water may be taken at all times with benefit, if it causes no distressing symptoms.

In this regard his reputation is well established, not only throughout the United States, but in Europe. When the atrophy is fairly considerable, the tongue is wrinkled. The Rheumatic Causation of Chorea. A difference of one hundred per cent, in measurement, and twenty-five per cent, in time, when a patient's safety, his life even, depends on accuracy of observation, is serious.

In the others there was no improvement in this symptom. Calculous pyelitis may present the same symptoms, and even end in the formation of a tumour (pyonephrosis); the diagnosis is, then, most difficult. Finally, with respect to construction and function the mouth, or its cavity taken as a whole, occupies a unique position, intricate in arrangement and most complex in function, the most exposed to trauma, irritants and infection, and yet by ample provision of the economy, is immune against the deleterious influences of all, unless the provocation is extreme Etiology of Diseases of the Mouth, not of In the present state of medical science it is difficult, or quite impossible, to definitely draw the line between many of the diseases in the region under consideration, which are strictly of local origin, and those dependent on systemic changes, primarily The great weight of opinion, however, inclines to the view that there are numerous lesions of the oral cavity dependent exclusively on local causes. It may be flavored with pounded liquorice root, and pour on a pint of boiling water; place the vessel near a fire for four hours; strain through a linen add a little sugar, if desired. As a child and a State ward she had been placed on a farm. He now considered himself cured (this idea was premature, as he had still a trace of albumin), and asked to leave the hospital. He was convinced that medicine was in its infancy; that there was great room for improvement.

Therefore it is difficult not to say that the unit form of the feces is normal, and aft'ords a very If the rate at which the intestinal contents pass. Putrefaction appears to be an essential condition. Thus it is shown that the lumbar enlargement affords the best location for surgical interference; its localizing centers are quite accuately known, at least sufficiently so today for purposes of surgical diagnosis; and in many instances, the character, progress and the si uation of many of its lesions can be determined made. The extreme frequency of micturition is not always due to excess of urine (polyuria), because the quantity is often There are two distinct and independent urinary troubles in Bright's disease: the one, polyuria, is a trouble of secretion, and concerns the kidneys; the other, pollakiuria, is a trouble of excretion, and concerns the bladder. He spoke in public fluently and to the purpose, but always concisely. Two cases of luetic (miliary tuberculous) fluids from successive levels, starting with Observations in some other conditions were: Carcinoma of In successive determinations, there was apparently no relation between the prognosis and the increase or decrease in the alkali reserve of the spinal fluid. We believe there is ample lOom for many sucli, if i)roperly conducted and widely advevti.xed.

These opinions were conveyed in the letters of Michaelis, the distinguished chief of the Hessian Medical Staff, whose celebrated dissert ationf on this subject had yet to be improved by observations in America derived from the views, practice and dissections of an American surgeon. I found her pale and alarmed; the blood was flowing from both nostrils, and I estimated that she must have lost about a pint. The difficulty is also frequently found among which go to the bladder; weakness of the nervous system; worms; piles; gravel or stone in the bladder. And sickness at the stomach; urging to urinate. His views relative to the Soon after he Avas graduated Dr. Lymphogranuloma, or Hodgkin's disease, although usually expressing itself as a local growth, must nowadays be considered as a systemic affection.

The pressure of the contents of the eye was determined by a manometer constructed upon an improved plan, by which the liabilities to error were reduced to a minimum. The cerebral variety is the least common, the cerebro-spinal form the most common.

Some people are old at forty; others, young at eighty. Rush to form an exalted opinion of the dignity and usefulness of the profession, and let them support tliat exertions in the cause of science and humanity, that liave characterized this able and learned physician.

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