In different cases one or the other of these causes may produce the sound. A prolonged rest, too, is required after labor, and when the patient gets up the immobility of the bones should be secured by a suitable apparatus. Medicinal treatment and rest were prescribed, and up to tlie eudof October the luemorrhage was kept in check. Each room is to be thirty by fifty feet in dimension. Reports of the subcommittees follow: Harold Brandaleone, M.D New York Goodwin M. Thus drinks may be taken through an opaque tube, or from a dark-colored vessel, so that the Much relief may be secured in some cases from the subcutaneous employment of morphine; the application of electricity has also at times seemed to be of service. Further replying to his Grace, he said the "pan" Midwives Board would not necessarily be swept away by the alteration. President John Quincy Adams was such a figure, and he lived beyond eighty, and was very muscular.

Sir John Lubbock, who re.sponded, to the toast of" Prosperity to the Hospital," said that it was the oldest ophthalmic hospital have added that there is none which has had more dislingnished ophthalmic surg(;ous on its staffer has been instrumental in conttibuting more to the advance of ophthalmic medicine and surgery, and thus benefiting suffering humanity throughout the world. Gross to the chair of Surgery in the Medical Institute of Louisville, indulges in a remark whicli shows that the editor has been prejudiced by a one-sided report of the circumstances which brought about the resignation of the late Professor of Surgery. When questioned she complained of pain at the junction of the neck and skull, of coccygodynia, of aching in the limbs, of a queer feeling in the left ear, of periods of blindness lasting a minute or so, of trembling in die left arm, of disturbance of the sense of taste and sleep, of variable memory, and of constipated bowels. After the oil has been taken for a while it will not be necessary to resort to any means of disguising its taste, for it will cease to be disagreeable. If intramuscular, the myositis develops initially in the vicinity of inoculation; if intraperitoneal or intracerebral, the paravertebral musculature shows these changes first. Inoculation consists in artificially communicating the disease by introducing the virus of smallpox, obtained from the pustules of a patient laboring under it, into the economy by means of a puncture or scratch made in the skin. Unlike most other sleep-compelling remedies, there is little or no danger in its administration, as even in overdoses its results are not fatal. Indirectly, it does harm by leading to the habits of hurrying through a meal without proper mastication of the food. Regurgitation, marked bradycardia, and senile pulse, the diastolic pressure is not of great value.

The parenchymal lesions usually, though The thoracic lymphadenopathy was most commonly observed in the right hilum. If the difference in sensitivity is slight, then the possibility of side effects, sensitization, and toxicity should be evaluated before changing therapy The greatest number of bacterial pneumonias are caused by pneumococci, which respond very well to penicillin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol. To relieve the cough, give every few hours a teaspoonful of pare goric, with half a teaspoonful of sweet spirits of nitre, in a half wineglassful of water.

These small rooms can never be kept free from and if the hospital be constructed to contain acute cases, each desirable are those" for delirious patients, for surgical operations of peculiar gravity, and other special cases.

A combination of the two, of a saline and a vegetable substance, to wit, act more promptly than either when In conformity with this well-ascertained principle, the formula which we recommend for this purpose comprises one of the salts of potash and the powdered leaves of an indigenous plant.

An extended discussion of the merits of the former in the Medical and Surgical Reporter of Philadelphia, a year or two back, resulted in proving that the popular idea that the employment of this narcotic is an effectual preventive, is quite erroneous. There is a horrible kind of death which seems to have escaped the notice of authors in general, and which I mention here because it has more relation to the observations just made than to any other topic that may fall to be discussed in the prosecution of this work. In this instance the cellular tissue of the pia mater was found to contain water; and the stomach was stained of a red colour, Tincture of Cardamon that had been thrown in during unavailing attempts to preserve life. That the complicating question of hereditary influence may be as far as possible eliminated, only those persons are included in the following table who were presumably free from family leanings toward phthisis.

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