) ness, and there can be few who have been responsible for so many pieces of standard laboratory apparatus (clomid). Sayre considers superior to any other, was first suggested to him, he says, by a surgeon residing in Western New York, whose name he does not remember. Being dissatisfied with subcutaneous section of the sternomastoid muscle in aggravated cases, he has successfully resorted, in at least twelve instances, to its division through a free incision carried along the inner border of the muscle, and as the result of minute examinations of small sections of the muscle, and of the discovery of bands of contractured tissue, he arrives at some conclusions which throw great light upon the affection, and seem to show that, as in talipes, adapted shortening of the fasciae and other legit tissues maintains the deformity after the involved muscle has In some cases the muscle and adjacent tissues had undergone no changes whatever.

Eclectics generally prescribe this drugin very small quantities, in doses ranging from one-eighth Prepare a Tincture from the recent bark of the root States that the Viburnum is a specific against abortion. It was too much for them and it was intended to be too much. Black vomit is about to appear, the bowels almost always become loose; the evacuations are tenacious, and much resemble tar, both in colour and consistency.

Poland invites attention to two anatomical peculiarities which greatly facilitated the cure by compression in the case of his patient; oue of these was tween the scaleni mnsoles fully two inches above the clavicle, or rather more." then taking-" an almost vertical yet oblique course to g-ain the axilla," and external third with the internal two-thirds of that bone." The other anatomical peculiarity referred to was"the probable existence of a cervical rib which gave support to the artery from behind." It can readily be seen that the coincidence of these two peculiarities would greatly tend to adapt the case for the successful application of pressure. The first volume for the present year, issued in March, contains valuable articles on the surgery of the head, neck, and chest; infectious diseases, including acute rheumatism, croupous pneumonia, and influenza; the diseases of children; pathology; laryngology and rhinology; otology; and a very complete index. Barron, Joseph Bertram (cum laude) Boston Birch, Samuel McLoughlin Winchester, Va. The number of the wounded was very large; all water within access was contaminated by the urine and feces of men and animals.

Fluorescin had been in constant use used quite extensively in other parts of His treatment of bad ulcers of the cornea was, with the help of cocaine, to curette the ulcer, and touch it with pure formalin, so applied on a probe as to carefully localize it to the diseased spot on the cornea; then dropping in some atropine or eserine, as the case required, and to use iodoform ointment io per cent, followed by bandaging of the eye.


Solution is given every two to four hours. Suddenly, no cause therefor being apparent.

For one year this happened twice weekly, until about five months ago, when it became so painful that I could not complaints stand it any longer." The examination of this girl disclosed destruction of the hymen, and enlarged and dilated vagina, with all the tissues exquisitely tender to touch. If now a granular change of the bloodvessels of the stomach be found to exist, it will be evidence, if any relation exist between the condition of the kidneys and that of the stomach, that the former is causative, and that the condition of the latter and the symptoms arising therefrom are the result of an effort at substitutive elimination; whereas, in Dr. More harm has resulted from the exaggerated estimate of real the importance of urinary residuum in prostatic disease, on the part of both the profession and laity, tlian from almost any other fac tor that could be iiieutioued. Upon whom he had operated safe for ileus.

The British armv is well equipped with almost wholly dependent upon volunteer physicians and surgeons and on this account both the British and Boer wour.ded within the Boer lines must necessarily suffer. The intestinal wounds have been so remarkable that several distinguished surgeons, who are studying the wounds here, express an opinion that the bullet must have in some way escaped cutting the intestine. Tannigen, a new astringent, having also distinct antiseptic properties, may, after all the inflammatory symptoms have subsided, be of service.

FRACTURE OF UPPER END OF HUMERUS When the characteristic displacement of fragments is present the subjective symptoms are much more marked. Those arising from marsh miasma, in otherwise a healthy or a duly oxygenated atmosphere, are generally fevers of the sthenic or inflammatory kind, provided the poison be not too much concentrated, or the dose too large; for the mere presence of oxygen does not destroy the cause of malaria. As the disease progresses, the stools change in character and become more frequent; at times they may be frothy and sour-smelling; at other times thin, dark-colored and offensive; their character is very variable. This is also found to be true in a general way of later life. This pain, it will be noted, is the same "ourmeds.org" pain he had been complaining of for over two years.

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