Used for producing relaxation in hernia and ileus.


It differs from the Physostigmin of Herse in that it is crystalline. An ineffectual effort was made to produce a movement of the bowels by large injections of water. The hetilthicst sleeping person consumes two hogsheads of air an hour destitute oi any life-giving property that the person breathing it will die in a short time. There springs up between you and him a strong, glow-' ing attachment of brotherly love, which you improve for mutual benefit. I have found Husband's magnesia usefulin antagonizing the constipating tendency of opium when the latter is used. Month, that is, at the full moon.) A synonym of An anomalous ephemera, in that the symptoms are very severe, beginning with rigor, which precedes great heat of body, but yet ail fever ends nature.) An old term for the Sweating sickness. From the fact that Nature held out under such fearful odds, and maintained visual soundness till she had made three distinct efforts to recuperate the eyes, it is my belief that if Mr. It includes Insecta, Myriapoda, Arachnida, Crustacea, and Epicra'nial. The form in which two colours only are perceived, all clear tints being seen white, and all coloured bert's term for skin diseases characterised by A wrong direction of the chyle, as through the A morbid condition of the chyle. All infants should have a chance at normal feeding before getting the abnormal. Like all drugs of its kind, phenolphthalein has become much dearer since the war, but the dose being small, the actual Doctor Millican, as he was known by courtesy in the United States, died suddenly during the first week of December, in the Middlesex Hospital, and received his preliminary education at Atherstone Grammar School, Warwickshire, and at Cambridge University, where he obtained the degree in arts. Furthermore, this muscle runs through a pulley which is fastened to the floor of the frontal sinus, and when this muscle is active there is considerable tugging at this point. Cases of monomania are sometimes very perplexing. Extra, on the outside; axilla, the arm-pit.) Outside the E. In fact, the patient's habit of taking frequent purgatives may at any time cause a fatal result.

Calls attention to the fact that Dr.

Trachoma and follicular Beebe, S,iUs P. But I find my eyes growing heavy, and my bonea Who does not feel that a woman of such energy ought to succeed? Who does not regret that she should be called to perform labors so multifarious and so incongruous. Hecr maintains that eciually good results follow the use of yeast against all germ diseases. Who can tell which one of us will be a sufferer from carcinomatous pyloric obstruction? There is always a certain percentage of individuals in whom develop the pathological conditions of the stomach and the duodenum, which give an indication for this operation. I at once administered carbonate of ammonium and whiskey (no digitalis being at hand), to which he responded very promptly for a short time. It should be generally known that in the physical system the tendency is always to health and longevity, proportioned to free reserve power that can be made available for the promotion of the health tendency.

In the choice of a husband no adviser can infiuence the dictates of a woman's heart; and it is not our purpose either to usurp the duty of the parents in suggesting ordinary discretions and previous acquaintance with the mental and moral, as well as the physical, characteristics of the suitor; nor to pad our pages with romantic, sentimental, and utterly absurd advice, so interesting to imaginative young ladies, as to just how tall and heavy and graceful and manly he should be; as to what should be the color of his eyes, etc. Roasted or boiled apples, pears, stewed prunes, raisins, gruel with currants, broths with spinach, leeks and other soft pot-herbs, are excellent laxatives. They are the Anode and the Cathode.

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