There was no lymphoid infiltration of the muscles. Productive of vomiting; as a n., a substance that produces vomiting, direct e. First, that the station hospital system is the more efficient of the two, providing a more modern and up-to-date treatment than is possible in small independent regimental hospitals. Since breakdown of the blood vessels and cancer account for the loss of about a million lives each year the need for comprehensive planning to master these common killers is Heart and blood vessel disease continue to take more American lives than all other causes combined, according to figures recently the first five leading causes of death is given It has always seemed to me that the training of doctors in medical schools should be focused on the most commonly occurring diseases. The reason of so many deaths following operations for appendicitis is that it is done too late. If you try to sew the femoral canal we have really very little opportunity to introduce a suture, because right alongside it is the femoral vein and other large vessels, and the partition between the septimi crurale and the vein is the difficulty in keeping the point of the needle from penetrating the large vessels. John Ware," I have used for many years in chlorosis, and think it the most satisfactory remedy in this disease which I have ever employed.

He was then killed during full digestion, and the glucogenic substance was sought after in the liver and the muscles in accordance with the second process of Bernard. Maths with starch, oatmeal, or oil are useful. Of three members and the President and Secretary. I take it that the proper practical man is that sane idealist with wit and knowledge to bring his plans to fruitage. " Order'd he (be) directed to put the Hospital in repair." Apparently some repairs were done, for the building seems to was resolved to build a new hospital at Surman's, (Kidderpur).

It is evident from the above table that rents are higher in district A than in district B, notwithstanding the fact that apartments in this district are in tenements, that these tenements are maintained in a poor state of cleanliness and repair, that they have many dark and poorly ventilated rooms, and that the plumbing facilities are insufficient. The injurious effect of ill prepared effervescing wines is easily explained by the large quantity of undecomposed ferment they contain. Bristow, late Resident at Lucknow. Ronald Mack Thomas McLean Deborah Meyers Shashi Nagaraj Virginia Nichols Michael O'Shea Lenore Parks Ronald Payne Mark Pettenati Peter Porcelli, Jr. If the woman's tic is not cured, I have no doubt that in course of time anguish will accompany efforts to suppress the movements; but at present the syndrome is not complete. Grocco's triangle was a paravertebral patch of dullness situated at the base of the chest posteriorly on the side opposite a pleural effusion; its base was at the level of the vertical side corresponding to the median line and usually reached to the level of the fluid. A decided improvement was visible after the first few applications; the breasts becoming soft and less tender, ceased to secrete by the first day after the Here are three cases in which belladonna has acted favorably in my above result will induce me to a similar treatment in similar cases; the more so, as in two cases out of three the breast-pump was deemed necessary, which thus far was an interference with mother nature; but, notwithstanding this always more or less irritating interference, the from an esteemed correspondent, to whose inquiries we briefly reply, by saying, that we have no personal knowledge of this institution, but believe it to be a private charity. In New York city alone, six months' operation of from factory work because physically unfit. Acid is always in the a- position (the one adjoining the COOH group.

If it be true that more than one-half of the pupils in our institutions for the deaf, suffering from adventitious deafness, acquired their disability during the first ten years of their lives, is it not a reflection upon our professional work? Again, what shall we say of that mighty host of partially deaf, wonderfully handicapped for life, who never find their way into such institutions, but are trained in the Before going further I trust that you will anticipate the purpose of this paper, which is not only to remind us of our responsibility to our little patients, but to call our attention anew to some of the well-known and more useful otological procedures that may be practiced by any of us who are willing to take the time and trouble to prepare ourselves for them. Long term illness however as pointed out by Ruesch changes the mode of living itself. I propose now to examine more in detail the agencies we have the control of in fulfilling these indications.


As to its dangers, he asserts that it would be strange if a remedy as potent and yet as simple as the normal salt solution should escape indiscriminate and thoughtless use by the inexperienced.

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