She had a ptosed and dilated stomach. If the surgeon continues, while watching the patient, to occupy himself only with the position of the foot, all seems to be going on well, but if, at the period of which I speak, he compares the position of the foot with that of the patella, he sees that the latter is turned outward. I only wish to point it out to you, placing it beside the other forms of suppurating osteitis and the mode of consolidation after their appearance. George's, to whom I am indebted for the notes of the case), essentially a strumous child. Purdy, after calling in counsel, decided the disease to be smallpox. Even in the vicinity of the foci of inflammation the nerve cells preserved their ordinary morphologic features and did not become the prey of neurophages. The close association of the throat and ear anatomically, lying as they do at either end of a short canal which opens during the act of swallowing. In summer the rate wa.s decreased to from twelve to twenty-five. Do not apply blisters or anything to the throat, as is too often done; they can do no good, but positively much harm. Dashing cold water over the loins of the beast often cures the aifection, by inducing reflex action of the nervous centres of the body. You must individualize each case, study There are two forms of the vomiting of pregnancy presented to the clinician for consideration; first, the simple"morning sickness," and, second, pernicious vomitin,g, or hyperemesis. No less than the other inhabitants, they must have gone forth from their homes on the fateful morning in garb so scanty that they had not with them the ordinary contents of their pockets. There was no history of On examination, a large pulsating tumour was felt and seen in the left popliteal space, measuring five inches from above downwards, and five inches and a half from side to side. A man in advanced fever, who had been sleepless and very delirious, was found to labour under a distended bladder. But the much broader field of pathological histology as an actual demonstration under the mos t favorable conditions of perfection of section and staining, of the various lesions described in general and special pathological anatomy, and as the best aid to the thorough understanding of them, is eighty. Mothers are in the habit of giving decoctions of sassafras and tansy to their daughters in case of delayed or suppressed menstruation. In spite of this high arch, he is barely able to walk about; and when after a lapse of time, the musculature of the arch the arch will appear to have lowered because by exercise, the longitudinal bellies of the plantar that women have generally higher arches than men, yet we recognize that men have far stronger feet than women. On Christmas night last, about nine o'clock, he was called to see a large, stout, well-built German man, a wound, while engaged in quelling a disturbance in his to fourteen feet in front and a little to the right of the Upon examining the patient it was seen that the point of entrance of the ball was at a spot almost if not directly over the apex of the heart.

Leon consequent on cancer of the vertebral column, and mentions a case (illustrative of the hereditary influence both of sex and age) in which a woman came under observation at the age of forty-two years with scirrhus of the breast and painful paraplegia, due to secondary mother, who had suffered from paralysis of the lower limbs, died at the age of forty-two years, but it could not be ascertained whether she also was cancerous. This work was impeded by the small number of ambulances, the damaged condition of the railroad, the insufficient rolling stock, and lack of furnishings for the cars.

The lower limbs bear the weight of the body and are the organs of locomotion. This is an observation which may explain remissions in the temperature runs of many fevers of known bacterial origin and those of obscure etiology, such as trench fever. Alcohol treatment once a week tenzed. Septum may lie near the surface, be of considerable (S) Operations upon the nasal septum in adults should be advised only after carefully considering the good to be accomplished and the possible risks incurred. Recumbency on the opposite side favors the flow of the secretions toward larger and larger tubes, where the mucous surfaces are less sensitive and more accustomed to such irritations, and so cough is not provoked till relatively large masses of phlegm have accumulated.

In almost all tumors of this class there is a tendency for the cells to fomi concentrically arranged groups, or cell spherules, and for these cell whorls to undergo hyaline degeneration and sometimes subsequent calcification. The recent experiments of Professor Giovanni PoUi, of Milan, seem to corroborate this view, as he has produced glanders and other Zymotic diseases in seventy dogs, by injecting into their blood in some cases fetid bullock's blood, pus, and glandered products, and neutralizing the ferment so set vinous fermentation set up in a vessel of cider by adding to it a preparation of lime.

He did not, in consequence, have much hope of the success of the operation. It contains nearly ninety per cent, of iodine, or about seven per cent, less than iodoform. Dudley's list, have no diastatic power, and, therefore, did not consider it necessary to include It will be seen that my results present certain wide differences from those obtained by Prof. With the endoscope and cystoscope the bladder has to be partly filled with a perfectly clear, transparent fluid in order to be inspected.

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