The flow of the offensive matter into the bronchial tubes seemed to be the immediate cause of death." patient when in good health went on a journey, and while away was seized with a violent cough and expectorated a greenish fluid which had an offensive odor and contained pure bile. If there were no casualties among these groups, it is not because they did There were two Red Cross relief units operating in and near Kiev at the time of the rapid advance of the Red Army on that city last June. I In my second memorial I stated, that when the irritability of the stoaiach is excessive or impaired, the water taken with eagerness almost immediately rejected, and then again and frecjuently desired by the patient, reaction is established in a very great proportion of the cases; and I have that number of cases, enabUs me to repeat the statement with increased confidence; anil also the imjjortance of not checking, by opiates or similar medicines, the vomiting, which, according to my views of the disease and its treatment, has a conservative tendency. He shall make a quarterly rpturn to the quarttT has been removed for anatomical examination to every separate place in his He shall visit and inspect from lime to time every jdace within liis district, of which place notice has l)een given that it is intended tliere to practise anatomy; he Act of Parliament are enforced, and shall report to the Secretary of State any irregularities or offences against the Act which he He shall enter, in a register kept for the returns and reports to the Secretary of State, and shall enter all the correspoiulence relating to the duties of his office in a letter Being called in to attend Mrs.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that the insuflScient oxygenation of blood generally, in broken compensation, plays a rdle in determining renal function. There is no occasion to report here the insignificant distinctions between custard pie and lemon meringue, for example, in their gastric behavior; but it must be admitted that mince pie, so often regarded as an arch offender of the digestive tract, requires a rather long time (from two and threequarters to three and one-quarter hours) to leave the stomach. Lexoie read an essay which contained a new theory of the condition of the pelvic bones during pregnancy and labour.

Within the last eigltt or nine days he had been affected noticed that his legs and abdomen were had become swollen, and in a few days the tumefaction had attained a considerable extent. The salutary effects of vomiting, so often apparent in M.

Lee) had never seen pus or lymph formed in the placenta, or an instance of inflammation on the fcctal or maternal surface, although frequently looking for it, but he had seen coagula.

So when they called on him in the headquarters of the Governor-General in Havana, to lay before him their final plan of action, which was to result in the arrest, trial and conviction of the yellow fever carrier mosquito, they found an eager and sympathetic listener. This was composed of long parallel wavy fibres wanting the distinct outline of the fibres of the endocardium, looking indeed (juite woolly, apart from all otlier dif fcrences, as compared with these.

How well marked is the periodic tendency to sleep at this hour.

"Section showed sarcoma (carcinoma?) of the peritoneum, probably secondary to malignant disease of the ovaries." In the fluids obtained during life cells were found which were remarkable" in the first place, on account of the differences in size and shape of the individual cells.

These physiologic data merit consideration not merely because of their significance in industry, but because of their application to public health policies.

They have not learned that the patience of the masses is enduring but not everlasting; that silence is not submission; that in this silence the violence of the masses grows; that there may he no signs by which they can anticipate the vengeance of their victims by last-minute concessions; that when the smash comes it comes suddenly and without warning, allowing no time to know all this, but they do not. This diminution of the proportion of alveolar air must be due to an increase of the dead space. On the Htli, nearly the whole of the right side of the abdomen and the legit scrotum was superficially gangrenous, and the belly became tympanitic. This was well exemj)lified in the case just related, in which death must undoubtedly have rerv soon ensued, had we not, by cautiously and perseveringly supplying the organs of nutrition with material to work upon, tempted them to resume the exercise of their functions.

Secondly, the amount of bacilli and their products absorbed into the general circulation must be limited to such an extent that their presence stimulates, but never paralyses, the defensive forces.


The physician himself will possess an altered point of view in that disease preven tion will be constantly in mind as well as the cure of disease.

This is of special interest, since the case may be regarded to be clinically a good example of this group.

During the next six minutes, while the right hand and wrist were still immersed in the warm water, the average flow in the left duration of the experiment).

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