In order to carry out so desirable an object, we trust that the medical practitioners of the Elgin Burghs will exert themselves strenuously to aid Dr. The higher associative neurons being the latest devedoping terminal arborizations, are probably the most delicate and susceptible. Gonococci are found in the pus cells lying upon the surface and spread out as a turf upon the uppermost layer, hut noivhere is a penetration of this epitkelium to he seen. The remedies which have been employed to subdue the local inflammation, appear but too often to have done so at the expense of the general system; for, altliough the local symptoms have become less prominent, fatal mischief has appeared in other parts. Taylor, namely, that the essential process is a hyperchroma, and that the white spots that form so characteristic and typical a been on the lookout for a primary pigmentary syphilide for a long time, and he considers it an extremely rare affection.

Subsequently, the report of the Committee was agreed to by a decided majority of the Society, but it was deemed advisable, on account of the feeling entertained by the Committee, to dissociate the proposed scheme from the Medico-Chirurgical Society, and to alibrd an opportunity to those who felt interested in it, to countenance it as a separate and distinct undertaking. The patient, therefore, must be and the lower bowel must be emptied by copious enemata of hot soap and water, or by large irrigations of warm olive oil. An analysis of these cases throws much valuable light upon the question as to when relapse is most likely In view of these facts it may be stated in a general way that, if a rupture is sound at the end of one year after operation, there is a strong probability of permanent cure, while, if it remains well for two years, the chances of relapse are very small.

Strangulation sometimes occurs synchronously with the development of a hernia; I have observed two such cases.

If the act is so worded as to likewise regulate medical education in the Commonwealth, it is eminently proper that a minimum of requirements should be established, and the Boards authorized to exercise a general supervision pertaining to the character of instruction in all colleges whose alumni become applicants for the privilege of practising in the State. Finally, remember that we have here an excellent it may be due to thrombosis secondary to chronic disease of the coronary arteries, or it may be due to occlusion of the orifice of one or both of the coronary arteries in the aorta by atheroma in this vessel, with or without the formation of a thrombus at the very orifice.

He had known of one instance where, although the patient had been kept strictly in bed, the wound broke wide open at the end of nine days. We have only to look at home, in order to see many agents at work in producing the same unhappy results; causes operating within the range of our own vision. Operative measures are only required in neglected cases where the movements are much impeded and scissor-like progression is By far the most common period of onset is in the first two decades of life, and especially from the third to the tenth year. Uterus, and, if given in large closes, occasioning hamorrhage an J inflammation of the bowels, that its activity depends upon its essential oil, and that the old tincture is now removed from the London Pharmacopceia. In such a case, though reduction of the dislocation can be accomplished without difficulty, redislocation occurs very readily. Micliell's, the druggist at the rest at my lodgings.

Not uncommonly the fracture is compound.

For instance, a patient may have an abscess in a part of the body where the cellular tissue is very loose, and experience remarkably little pain, or, on the other hand, where the pus is under tension and nerves are pressed on, as in an alveolar abscess, the pain is excruciating. The first was a young man, who, when in perfect health, was attacked with pleurisy, which ended in empyema.

More than once has it been my pleasing experience to convince a patient (who though himself infected with gonorrhea ) that his discharge was the result of a chemical or bacterial inflammation. There is in such cases either a bradycardia or a tachycardia, rarely a normal pulse, usually no organic cardiac disease, Heart-epilepsy appears in young subjects chiefly as a result of valvular disease; in the elderly as a result of in heart-muscle. On the Diseases of the Bladder and Prostate Gland. Maude (Brain, Summer ed., The symptom of exophthalmic goitre indicates a mode of dissolution of the nervous system, and is a degenerative neurosis making a line of cleavage at some point at which the nervous functions are exposed to the strain. De The danger to the patient from effect of erysipelas toxins upon malignant growths is great.

In some bullous diseases of the skin the bullae have to be followed up in this way, especially about the back and accidental or other burns). The patient's head should be slightly flexed during the operation, as the posterior wall of the nasopharynx then becomes practically a plane surface from which the adenoid tissue can be entirely removed, whereas when the head is extended a pouch is formed above the projecting body of the atlas.

Its principal use is in weakened subjects affected by organic taints or otherwise.

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