A patient in whom this deformity had been corrected without disturbing the bones. The steady progress which is being made by the Medical Service of the Army in the education of the line officers as to the obligations and duties which rest upon them in the carrying out of sanitary measures and the enforcement of a proper standard of personal hygiene among the soldiers under their command is exemplified by an order recently issued by the Secretary of War, the substance of which is as follows:" A Department of Military Hygiene is hereby established at the United States Military Academy. The size of the review field of irradiation is of great importance. An analogous condition of things was found in both cases. They may therefore be rightly considered as the producers, or at any rate leucocytes and are therefore probably formed in them. The vomit was examined about two hours after feeding and showed a very acid reaction. Someone said not long ago that very few young women had any visible reasons for wearing lowneck dresses. A clamp placed on the end of the catheter will keep the urine from dribbling while the patient is up. Byford, Vice-President, occupied the chair. I have repeatedly seen morbid habits of pain and disability grow less or pass away under such measures.

When fatigue is marked the hypodermic use of strychnine salts may accomplish something. Above Grassy Cove the mountains unite, and hold their union firmly on their way north as far as our State Topographically considered as a whole, the Cumberland range has its southern terminus in Alabama, and its northern in Pennsylvania. In her third pregnancy the child was large, labor difficult and tedious. These, of course, were to be founded as the others had been, each upon a power difterent and distinct from all others. Time alone will show whether it is to take the place of ordinary extraction.

Tissue, and but little alteration of the epithelial layer. Lord Nelson was a familiar example of this, and unusual causes may from time to time affect such twenty years of immunity from seasickness while at sea as a naval officer, he became seasick while eating on a vessel which was malodorous from Strong mental emotion, other than that generated through the simple causes above recited, is often said to be responsible for seasickness. He warned against over stimulation, lest the uterine muscles should become exhausted. The judge (Smyth)" took the papers." He has just made a long" ruling" that the defendant is sane. It tends toward a fatal issue through destruction of the kidney, may recover spontaneously only by means of stenosis or obliteration of the ureter, and places the patient in extreme danger. A feature of great interest was that there was no appreciable departure from the normal in blood-counts of the patient. Our subscribers may rest assured that its publishers, Messrs. The newborn child sleeps most of the time, provided it is healthy, and wakes only long enough to take nourishment. He smokes very little now, and did not smoke at all when he was first attacked.

What is the use of a pharmacopoeia when there is no law to enforce its standards? The introduction of a new materia medica investment for fun? Does he donate it to the public and spend a fortune in advertising the medicine for the benefit of his competitors? The whole idea is to educate a lot of competitors who, carrying out the teachings of colleges, and making their own, products, take advantage of advertising and substitute imitations when good products are prescribed. They may be distinguished from the latter, however, by the focal symptoms suggesting location in a special vessel at the base; secondly, in the infrequent occurrence of optic neuritis. It was or evident that the element of personal idiosyncrasy could not be left out of count. Recurrent attacks of otitis media on account of the changes that take place in the structures of the middle ear from related inflammation are more likely to be followed by intracranial suppuration than the primary ones. The plexus is removed intact and is then transfused through one of its arteries, while suspended in a liquid medium. " You speak of the indigestion of neurasthenics; in the tropics it means starving to death." Officers have been carried from the First Reserve Hospital to the ships to die, suffering from absolute starvation and having lost much weight. The immediate cause then is a mechanical one. It is uncommon to receive a healed stump real here. The signs, therefore, did not appreciably differ from those of nephritis seen in peace time: fake. The absence of fat, which is a powerful cholagogue, was of importance.

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