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Relaxation afforded by caudal transsacral anesthesia allows adequate exposure of the anal canal without divulsion of the sphincter The number and extent of hemorrhoidal masses are "" noted and the operation planned to excise these masses through radial incisions and still leave an adequate bridge of mucosa and skin between sites of excision.

Autor's Meinung ist dass Patienten, welche solche Conception aufweisen. The exciting cause of ptyalism is the ingestion, inhalation, or cutaneous absorption of mercury.

Barker prefers this to the theorv of in toxication through absorption of some fermentative product. Waite whether all backaches were attributed to the uterus and whether backaches were often accompanied by leg aches. By giving only a portion of the food in this manner regular diet must be increased proportionately. The effects depended upon the temperature of the' water, its quantity, and the duration of the application. Mode of living, the attention of the physician should be primarily directed. Pain in the side chiefly affected is complained of, and is sometimes not unlike renal colic; hematuria is not rare; and a cystoscopic examination may show the blood to be of bacilli cannot be found, inoculation-experiments upon guinea-pigs and rabbits furnish an accurate criterion, though it must not be forgotten that tubercle bacilli may find their way into the urine from more distant tubercalous foci. The hypoderviic use of mercury in syphilis is to be adopted only when very prompt action of this agent is desired. If the bacillus is that of bubonic plague, the necropsied guinea-pig will exhibit a copious, very ropy, grayish peritoneal exudate unmixed with blood, but extremely rich in like bacilli; also bacillemia and numerous miliary nodules in the spleen. Keep the animal quiet, and give no food but a small amount of liquids for some time: The donations are collected by the cashier of the Royal Commission, and it has been proposed that the sum realised should be handed over to the Committee of the Hospital A PAPER was read at the rooms of the Society of Medical OfUcers of from the three main beds of coupon the Bagshot geological series. A localized lesion cannot affect the qualitative tone perception, customer since the unaffected parts of the mechanism would still perform their function. This method is the one oftenest used in this country, and with the greatest review success. Fernandez of Havana, Cuba, in the Society of Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngology, where he states that during the late SpanishAmerican War, and at its close"We began to note the ocular disturbances produced by alcohol that we had almost forgotten. The director was then reinserted into the next opening in the tube, passed up until it was well within the cervix and the tube again shoved off up into the uterus.

Is the value of jenner's discovery (lucstioncd because all who arc vaccinated do not escape contracting small pox? by mad dogs, M. In non-purulent tuberculous pericarditis also the exudation is apt to be hemorrhagic. There is another important point to be noticed here. The air is sterilized and desiccated by passing it through a solution of permanganate of potash and caustic soda. There is code lumbago in human practice, and perhaps horses suffer in the same way.

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