Then paling begun in the centre, being first of a bluish-green, then dark green, then of a brownish-yellowy until entire resolution was effected in two months.

Shattuck, of Bilibid prison, we had the opportunity of studying a case of this disease which is of unusual interest. As an adjunct, and combined with antimony, calomel, or ipecacuanha, it loses its bad qualities, and forms a most useful Dover's Powder is an excellent preparation; but it will be found better suited to chronic rheumatism, or to the acute after the violence of the disease has abated, than at the onset. Dixon, in his second edition, regrets the absence of" carefully-executed colored drawings," and in his last edition he refers (" Beitrjige zur Pathologic des Auges"). Cameron regretted that the essayist had given no rules for differentiation; because if slight causes, as mental emotion, may send the able to distinguish such cases. If the experience of other physicians at all corresponds to ours, limited as it has been to two neighboring and contiguous streets, the instances of an overdose being of course" in small proportion to the extent of itp general use, the custom must prevail to a wide and injurious extent. He identified the first stage, which increase in transplanted tumor size did not interfere with normal carcass weight increase in young tumor bearing animals. These wellestablished clinical observations having been verified by physiological experiment, pain so quickly and safely, yet leave reflex muscular contractility unimpared, as chloform? Ether and ethyl bromide have found favor with some practitioners, but Fordyce Barker states in his writings:" I may say here that I have long regarded The danger from the employment of chloroform in this department of medicine depends more upon the carelessness with which it is administered than to any toxic effect inherent in it. The report of the Committee of the Ophthalmological Society on"Sympathetic Ophthalmitis" is of a different nature from the papers just quoted, the evidence being entirely clinical. The odor signified to me healing, something curative. There is every reason against and none in favor of calling this eruption by Mauriac's title. We have, then, bronchitis and pleurisy, and a lobular pneumonia at the apex of the right lung. Thorne had access, actual mortality from this disease, which, according to a report of the Ministry In Spain, where quarantine regulations were strictly enforced, cholera also made its appearance, invading first Novelda and Monforte, two inland towns in the Mediterranean province of Alicante, where deaths occurred late in August or early in September. Drunkenness might be called a comparative condition, and what one authority might call drunkenness another might not consider in that category. Negative results were common where other methods were positive. Two cases of dislocation of the end-bone of the thumb have recently come under my care: it seems to me upon him and knocked him down, injuring his left hand and cutting and bruising his face. With this were combined the characteristic signs of more or less pneumonia, even when the inoculation had been made in the subcutaneous connective tissue.

The majority of syphilographers today, if T am not mistaken, are using mercury in all cases, in Germ-products have been employed extensively, during the past few years, for the prevention of certain diseases, notably has proved of great prophylactic worth, although for curative purposes its value is less well established.

In no direction in recent years has gynaecology grown as in the surgical. If diarrhoea be profuse, it is checked by the use of starch enemata, to which have been the purpose of calming the patient, and thus rendering the attendance less laborious, and may be repeated several times in the course of twenty-four hours. Moncorvo says that resorcine, owing to its much less caustic action, and the absence of disagreeable taste and odour, is far preferable to carbolic acid. Wharton Sinkler, of Philadelphia, believed this to be one of the most important advances in the treatment of poliomyelitis, and felt that the time would come when it would frequently be done. There is ample evidence of the definite values of certain safety features of automobile design, construction, and equipment, yet these safety features if available at all, are all too often offered as optional equipment at extra cost.

Introducing a speculum in order to see whether there were any erosions or ulcerated areas, which may give rise to this bleeding, I found the lower portion of the rectum very much congested but no lesions were visible. The question as to what is the matter, is immediately answered by the suspicion, that it is a case of cancer in the stomach. So without hesitation I adopted it.

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