The aim is well carried out and the book should prove quite useful as collateral reading in the latter months of hospital training, but it could not be regarded as in any sense a textbook of medicine. Fragments of bone and of callus should be saved and used to fill in intervals between the ends. The negative pole is generally passed into the growth and a current of ten milliamperes is turned on and continued for about five or ten minutes. Nothing could do more to oppose sexuality to the rest of life. It may show that a cancer with marked symptoms is small and mobile and ideal In short, the x-ray evidence has been a help in discovering and localizing latent cancer and an equal help in ruling out cancer.

The oil of cedar tjJres out the colour less than oil Of doves. Louis University (SLU) and John Walters from Ms. As the chief danger to the mother, in the performance of the operation, is not, as formerly supposed, the mechanical irritation of the uterus but septic infection, it may be affirmed that, if proper antiseptic precautions be observed, this danger is an avoidable one.

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After persisting for three weeks with practically no change in spite of applications at various times of iodine, alcohol, bichloride, and boric acid, they finally yielded to a single cauterization with stick silver nitrate and promptly healed. Every dog, it seems, has this worm, or" sort of bridle;" but very few children are born tongue-tied; and, when they are, the operation is performed by a surgeon, and not a nurse. He is past president of the National Medical Association, the Pan American Missouri Medical Association, and the Mound City Medical Forum. Hetzel, another assistant, made an amputation of the thigh in a boy suflering from tuberculosis of the knee-joint, and where a previous arthrectomy had been followed by a return of the disease, which involved the articular ends of the bones and surrounding soft parts to such an extent that this alternative furnished the only possible means to meet an indicatio vitalis.

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