Gagging, belching, nausea, hawking after breakfast. The intestines protruded through the incision, but were without much difficulty retained. In the lysis of bacteria each species has to be dealt with in a different manner, and time is an element in the readjustments.

The race statistics have been extended to include, in addition to the whites and negroes, Indians, Chinese, and children of Irish and of German parentage. PROFESSOR OF NEUROPATHOLOGY, NEW YORK POST-GRADUATE The present public interest in the care of the mentally defective seems to be the culmination of a growing feeling among social workers of all types.

Women in whom the generative organs are weak, are much more liable to inflammation of the womb, and to all the complaints peculiar to the sex. There are certain implements used in the household of a capacity corresponding to a certain extent with the regular Standard Measures. The patient was unconscious or delirious for four weeks following the accident. - say what you will, they somehow or other get the idea that a moderate amount of exercise, taken when they feel like it, is all that is required. By the use of the dark-field condenser the organisms can be seen in the living state and their movements carefully studied. The abdomen was opened at the usual place for a gastrostomy and the parietal peritoneum was united with the skin, and a continued catgut suture, that caught only the serous and muscular coats of the stomach, was made to fix the stomach to the wound. The nasal and buccal secretions of those affected with poliomyelitis must be especially well cared for, as in them is probably the chief source of infection, although all the secretions must be treated in a sanitary manner. Beside these symptoms she had pains everywhere, particularly in the head. In America, the same difference of opinion and practice exists. Sensation as of water dropping in the ear when lying Relieves the aching in the lumbar region.

From being most considerate, sweet, and patient she became utterly unreasonable, wakeful, extremely nervous, and'touchy.' This change of disposition was quite persistent so that subsided, so that lately she has been in that resnect about as usual. Indeed, whenever any drug or combination of drugs is dispensed, there should be a written memorandum made of it by some responsible party.

Old people require Cicuta, Hypochondriacal persons require for the most part Nux vom. Mustard should be applied to the chest, and to the soles of the feet. Don The Medical Society of the Missouri Valley will hold its twenty-eighth annual meeting in Des the presidency of Dr. Relieves the aching in the back and lower limbs.

Another interesting contribution to this subject is contained in a recent paper by Dr. The text-books state that immediately above these there is another pair of cartilages.

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