There are, as we happen to know, several well-known authors, who, though born and bred this side the Tweed, nevertheless swear by oatmeal porridge as a brain-inspiring compound.

Most of our black prairie soils are suitable to the production of onions if they are rightly treated. Mary's Hospital, and his weU known literary labours in midwifery and the diseases of women, give him the highest claims to the consideration of the elective body of the CoUege. Lasegue makes a number of interesting observations, and concludes as follows. However, a resolute draught occasionally to quench the thirst, gives little more pain than swallowing the spittle.

Of the females, the number of fits decreased in eleven, and increased in five. The congestion is active and is accompanied by elevation of temperature. The cause of death has not been determined by experiment, Init the clinical evidence Case of diphtheria, with full heart block. Mackesy then spoke of the Medical Council.

In nervous headaches, wash the head with it two or three times as strong, then wash out with cool, clear water, rubbing well with the towel, and take a nap, and generally all headache will subside, and. A'.lvanoC'J Grammar; Duvals history of French Rai)i'l readinc: from Schiller. Petersburg by the British Government to study and report upon the nature of the epidemic, has up to this time given no notice whatever of it. If this is attempted the operation must be conducted with special precautions; the incision in the bladder must be free, and no dilatation of the wound practised either in introducing the forceps or removing the calculus; for all dilatation means greater or less bruising of the edges of the wound, which will entirely prevent union by first intention. When mountain climbing in the spring, after through some accidental circum stance the patient becomes unduly of aortic insufficiency in arterioscle fatiLnied. Form of head produced by premature union of the sagittal Tectol'ogy.

Given in laryngeal and bronchial troubles, urinary disorders, asthma, ozsena, etc. It is well known that" Die Krankhaften Geschwulste" of Virchow has never been completed. Submit original manuscript and two copies. Syntat'ic (syn, with, teino, to stretch).

A peculiar sensation, felt either externally or internally, seeming to be the result of a spasmodic movement of the parts in which it occurs. Bake three-quarters of an hour, or even less if the apples hecome tender. Projection beyond flashback the normal position, as of Protryp'sin. Sulphur is considered, with grease, to be death to lice, but be this as it may, the lice cannot crawl on the poles nor slats, if they are used as tfreely as they ought to be, if a good coat of the omtment is smeared over them; and I can see no reason why some kerosene, say two table-spoonfuls to each pound of lard, may not be added, with the sulphur ointment for the poultry, as well K poultry is badly covered with lice, some insect powder may be dusted among the feathers, not much will be needed, using the bellows as used for else do not keep poultry. Now, if tamping stones around them, as in this last recipe, and no dirt put on top of the stones, you will have a post that will last much longer than any other way, and well worth adopting especially where timber is scarce. The retinal vessels were contracted in their calibre, while the retina and choroid appeared normal.

Eustace Smith difficult one, but the physician will act considers that in a considerable number wisely if he bases his opinion upon the the affection is due to repeated chillings history of the case and the general con of the surface of the body, producing a dition of the patient rather than upon catarrhal condition of the gastrointes- any one particular symptom or physical an important factor, especially when of chronic diarrhea must always be associated with the depressing inffuence very guarded. Some structural conditions, now about to be rectified, in the Psychopathic Hospital have prevented the extensive use of the prolonged bath at night. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Excepting for the history of attacks of painful indigestion this patient has always been well and her appearance is very good. Pulmo'num (Hauser), found in sputa from the lungs; forms small white colonies on gelatin, patients; causes fermentation. The Look is concluded by an appendix, containing the principal tests and method of examination of the stomach, together with a list of authors quoted, The appearance of a new text-book in gynecology attracts attention at once, and the ques tions which first arise are: Why is this new book? Has the author.something new in matter or method? Has the increase in knowledge demanded a new book rather than new editions of books already existing. The stethoscopic examination of females done, though rarely, should this means of investigation be denied to the attendant region of the body, on account of the large blood-vessels and nerves which occupy its space.

The warm sea-bath was tried, but it seemed rather to increase the eruption.

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