It is difficult to deal with the mediastinum through the usual Gross lesions of the parietes under the scapula are always difficult to reach. Now in this coimection it is very important to use certain remedies with a view of testing the nature of the rapid pulse rate. The preferred technique involves hemicylindrical femoral turn-down or tibial tum-up grafts, in combination with an ipsilateral fibular for larger defects. On the eighth day they have become much larger still, and their opacity is After the eighth day, it is very important to consider small-pox in relation to the eruption as seen on the different parts of the body, because it takes very different forms, according to the parts affected. The Hopeful Attitude of Modern Medicine as shown below may seem rather premature to the thoughtful their long and thorough researches have been able to contribute so inestimably to the science of medicine, they themselves affirmed without fear of contradiction that the age of empiricism is passing and that medicine will soon be able to cast off the reproach under which it has so long labored of being an inexact science," or that"The day is at hand when a patient suffering from an acute infectious disease can be as stirely saved relieved of his burden by the knife of the surgeon." Although the strong, confident assertion is decidedly"fetching," the quiet unrelenting demand for proof all along the Ime of advance is certainly more satisfactory and scientific. Ground rice treated in the same way is even better in colour and flavour, but wc cannot expect the same nutritive value. It sometimes happens that the anasarca gets possession of deepseated parts. Pernet did not favor pushing the quinine too far, and he thought the dosage of the drug should Dr. The address for the Minnesota AIDS Project is questions or concerns about AIDS may contact one Another area of major concern is the longterm care needed by patients with AIDS and related illnesses. Racial Differences in Human Blood by Means of the tralization of Cobra Venom by its Antitoxin. He ate a hearty dinner, after which he attended a ball game, and went from the field, chmbing something of a hill, to the station, where he took the train. A documented neurological event occurred were no statistically significant differences among the three groups for total neurological events or for the subgroups of brain death, neurological sequelae with residual, and neurological sequelae without residual.

Nothing abnormal was found in the small intestine. At times, inflammatory lesions of the bowel may give an appearance suggesting carcinoma.

CONTACT: Diane Campbell or Terri Craig, University of Minnesota, Radisson University Hotel, Minneapolis, Conference St. This goes without saying, and, of course, is easily understood by physicians. Every source of information sliould be at the disposal of these officers' branches, and the senior officer of such a branch should be present at, and take part officially in, such administrative discussions at head quarters as concern the use and distribution of personnel. 'a and men members of the various nursing services. Is the patient constitutionally strong or weak? Did the patient begin labor strong and well rested, or ovenvorked, tired, and exhausted? Was labor easy or difficult and prolonged and exhausting? Was there any existing disease previous to confinement? Was there any excessive loss of blood? Was labor premature? Is the patient predisposed to phthisis? Are there any existing lacerations of the parturient canal? These and many other questions have a proper bearing on the diu'ation In regard to laceration of the cervix it seems to me that there can be no possible objection to the introduction of the clean finger of a clean hand into the vagina after labor is completed to determine whether laceration exists or not, and the degree, and if it is discovered, a longer period of lest should be insisted on.

Occupations is so constant and severe on abdominal walls that it is unreasonable to ex'pect a cuie wlicn treated by whom the muscular structures of the part are found to be thin, badly developed or stretched and loose over a large such a size that the gap cannot be closed without the exercise of such tension as to produce strangulation of the structures within the grip of the sutures. I have told you, that diphtheria, in its malignant form, kills after the manner of septic diseases, by a sort of general and complete poisoning of the system. My impressions from this experience were that acute dilatation of the stomach is not always recognized; that unless recognized and promptly treated it may result in death. I shall, therefore, take Sydenham as my guide. X-ray films of the chest are taken at two-month intervals. The subject, then, of methods of olservatiofi resolves itself into a consideration of how we ought to observe, how we ought to compare our observations, and how we ought to A conception of the nature of tangible objects is acquired by a simple perception of all the phenomena by which objects manifest themselves. Tables should be self-explanatory and should supplement, not KANSAS MEDICINE will assume the cost A reprint order form with a table showing estimated cost will be sent with the galley proof.

A name given by chymists to all liquors that have become spirituous by fermentation. Three dogs are still in quarantine as a matter of precaution.

The New York, and vomited part of that.

Other frequent mistakes involve drug information. This cavity was lined by a thick pyogenic membrane, which completely replaced the capsule of that part of the under-surface of the liver occupied by the abscess. We will honor our University as she honors us, as we hope her enduring progress and lasting renown will shed lustre on our names in all our future careers. In most of the reported cases, there was preexisting disease of the liver, which made it more susceptible to rupture.

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