A straight piece of strong linen towelling is much superior to any of the A loaded rectum may seriously interfere with the progress of labour by offering an obstruction to the descent of the head. Gentlemen, this is not the first case of the kind which has presented itself in our wards: not a year passes without my calling your attention to such cases, of which sometimes I am led to form an When the menstrual function takes place every month in a regular manner it is generally attended by discomfort of unimportant character; there are, nevertheless, headache, and a modification of the different functions which remind us of the febrile disturbance caused by slight indispositions: this arises from monthly ovulation being pathological to a certain extent, the turgescence of the ovaries and uterus, and rupture of the Graafian vesicle, constituting a sort of morbid process affecting some individuals more than others. Scription exist in dangerous proximity to tributary streams or aqueducts. It is confined to one side in the vast majority. Presse Walther (C.) JSclat d' obus enti'e" par la joue droite ayant brise le maxillaire inferieur, traverse la bouche, traverse la paroi du pharynx. His personal experience has led him to remove the opposite ovary, even though macroscopically healthy, when its fellow is the seat of papilloma, since he finds that the remaining organ is usually afl'ected later. The vagus has been looked on as the motor nerve of the stomach, and such observers as Longet, Goitz, Bram, Houckgeest, Openchowski and ilorat have shown that movements occur after excitation of the cut ends of the such movements were dependent chiefly on the stomach results after the administration of curare and atropin. Persons of this temperament are liable to chronic diseases, and to chronic catarrhs; in them disease runs a slow, atypical course. When I say exploratory celiotomy, I do not mean that vicious exploratory operation that was recommended some years ago, of cutting into a tumor and removing a section, and then deciding whether it was malignant or not. It is understood that the president of the Diamond Match Company has has resigned from the faculty of the university and will enter Day has been appointed city chemist of Los Angeles. Gentlemen, if after mature reflection, we dispassionately sum up the balance sheet of our knowledge, if, free from the passions which moved our predecessors, we endeavour to assign to every one his just share, if we ask ourselves the value of those instruments of analytical investigation in our hands, if we ask ourselves whether they constitute the whole of medicine, we are forced to answer by an emphatic negative. Should it appear that everything has not come away the uterus and The perineum should now be carefully examined for any tears, and if there is any injury involving more than the fourchette it should be sewn For about half an hour after delivery the hand must be kept over the fundus to prevent it becoming filled with clots. Moreover, in smallpox, diphtheria and measles there is also frequent streptococcal invasion in the blood, yet these diseases can not be said to be due to streptococci. Major Gorgas, who was recommended by the medical profession as a member of the canal commission, is one of them. It was necessary to apply leeches twice, and tO' employ often repeated baths for fifteen days. Nicolich indeed has reported the case of a robust man who was addicted to alcohol, in which death followed six inunctions"We are furthermore compelled to emphasize the fact that a forced mercurialization exerts an unfavorable influence on the syphilitic process. One used, with great perseverance, all the therapeutic measures with which I am in the habit of successfully treating diarrhoea.

The Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the National Tuberculosis Association will be held The American Association for Promoting Hygiene and Public Baths, of which Dr. Outlying nodules of growth may be felt at the umbilicus or along the line of the falciform ligament. The Association of Health Officers of Nova Scotia (Quarterly Bulletin of the Department of Public Harris gives a resume of the effects of tobacco upon the body, of which the following were the smoking of tobacco is the more injurious the younger the person, hence young recruits suffer than by smoking without inhaling, inhaling ought marked idiosyncrasy toward tobacco in respect of the substances which raise the blood-pressure, cause irregularity of the heart, and give rise to who do not have this idiosyncrasy may use tobacco A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery While numerous articles in the medical press are devoted to methods of detecting incipient tuberculosis, the study of the more advanced forms of pulmonary tuberculosis is, in comparison, much neglected. If for no other reason than the awful fear and hopelessness with which the word cancer fills the sufferer this word cancer should become obsolete, and there are good reasons for discarding it.

This operation is the only great advance that has cocaine having been repeatedly instilled into the corner of his eye, the skin of the lower lid is kept on the stretch by means of outward traction with the thumb of the left hand, and (the right eye is here supposed to be under operation) the surgeon standing behind the patient's head inserts the beak of the Weber's knife vertically into the lower punctum, turns the cutting edge upwards and a little backwards, and, keeping the handle almost parallel to the lid margin, thrusts it slowly and steadily inwards till the probe point impinges on the lacrimal bone.

The sewage, before emptying into the sewer in the street, runs through a settling tank, where heavy matter is allowed to settle, and the liquids pass ofl' into the sewer. If involuntary movements of Right hemiplegia commonly associated with Aphasia. This innovation was the result of an analysis made by the department, which showed that the mortality among children of native mothers was higher than among those of the so-called tenement population, which had been followed up by intensive work for many years.

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