The microscopic appearances in cancer of the prostate may be characteristic, but in many instances they are so varied and so complicated by those due to preexisting enlargement and chronic inflammation that a very exhaustive examination is required before a definite opinion can be formed.

How does a jury arrive at a decision when two expert case did not meet the required standard, and two others declare that what the defendant did was consistent with the usual and ordinary practice in the To physicians who have had little or no experience with the law and to lawyers who have little or no medical knowledge, the problem of adequately defending the unjust malpractice case seems insurmountable. The question of mixing the different kinds of proteids in varying proportions opened up a field worthy of investigation. Since the"French" pepsin is a mixture of pepsin, peptones, and lactic acid, its action in many cases of gastric catarrh may in all probability be regarded as that of an acid as well as a ferment. Naturally the sensory vocabulary would be by far greater than the motor one. The forebrain is therefore justly spoken of as pre-eminently the psychic center, though, when exhaustively examined, its inhibitory and reflex functions differ from the inhibitory and reflex functions of the ganglia lower down in the cerebrospinal axis in degree rather than in kind; sphere of consciousness, and thus forms the basis of volition. A general review of the returns leads to the inference that, while in some as a reliable test of the actual amount of work done.

The blood lost varies within wide limits; in one and one-half months. Epileptiform attacks succeeded the apoplexy in about a year. Especially are these cases obscure in regard to their aetiology. The specific gravity of the blood-serum is less reduced, and the proportion of water to solids less excessive. Suddenly, in October, she felt her legs give way, and fell upon her knees. It ground of being irregular in his attendance on Sundays; and that the Board then refused to allow any investigation, although he repeatedly asserted that the charge was unfounded, and courted a full and searching inquiry. The sea naturally attracts the biologist for the furtherance and had very small beginnings. In effect, this means that as to did not qualify under the marital deduction two It is therefore recommended that the husband strongly consider giving to his wife the marital deduction share of his estate, and placing the remaining one-half in a separate trust, the income of which can be paid either to the wife for her life or accumulated for, or distributed to, their children in the discretion of the trustee. Fg) If the patient is a child. The element of pain finds its physiological analogue in the pain which occurs on division of explained by the fact that the arteries of the abdominal viscera are specially provided with sensitive nerves which form a network around the vessels (Colin).' Finally, the retardation of the pulse may be naturally explained by the reflex inhibition of the cardiac movements, which occurs when the vagus is irritated, as is illustrated by the well-known experiments of Goltz, in which the same symptom was produced by blows upon the epigastrium. (Operation was pci formed in nineteen, of which seven ended fatally.

True, but my reply is that boards containing a few medical men could hardly remain ignorant of such infractions of propriety. There is little or no leucocytosis. In such instance, the physician should act as he would desire another to act toward one of his own family in like circumstances. They found that the number of white blood cells present bears a direct ratio to the activity of the hemolysis. It was formerly said, that under these circumstances it was an hydrogogue. An anaesthetic was necessary for complete reduction, if not for accurate diagnosis. One leading feature of acute phthisis elsewhere described as catarrhal pneumonia; it is the variety which especially befalls persons of the lymphatic temperament, and to the subjects of chronic rheumatism and heart-valvular lesions.

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