Although no organism has yet been discovered which with case was probably of a pyaemic as well as of a rheumatic character. In the same article the author gives a table of thirty-eight cases, collected from current literature, of ovariotomy in women between sixty -seven and eighty-two years of age, with but two deaths. HaeneP has reported, as a rare complication, a case of incipient rupture of both the membranes separating the middle from the internal ear, as a result of tubercular caries of the tympanic cavity, hyperplasia of the bone of the middle ear and of the foot-plate of the stapes may also occur. The greatest frequency of deformities Data on fetus mortality showed that a high incidence of death was BONE DEVELOPMENT IN Frequently used in clinical practice CHICK EMBRYOS ALTERED as a broad- spectrum antibiotic, BY TETRACYCLINE tetracycline is a compound of wide interest to dentistry, both as a prophylactic measure in oral surgery and because of its potential as a caries inhibitor. In addition to these, counter-openings may be made in each loin, and drainage-tubes inserted in these regions to effect more perfect drainage. NEW HYPOTENSIVE DRUGS Syrosingopine and guanethidine, MINIMIZE SIDE EFFECTS two new hypotensive drugs synthe BY SELECTIVE ACTION sized and marketed by CIBA, have lowering blood pressure and also specific enough in their modes of action to minimize undesirable side effects. He found it often impossible to use a spoon or cup with his right hand unless supported by his left. The number of injections varied, according to the case, from two to fifteen. Sometimes it is found necessary to remove the indications may be mentioned, as Cyanosis, especially noted in lips and ear tips; Involuntary passage of faeces; Hzemorrhage. Once upon him, she could pretend a fondness for the beast, and thus secure him to ride on the trip.

No depressing effects of this drug upon the heart had ever occurred among his cases. By Staff the modern steel battleships are much more healthful than the wooden ships which preceded Some Remarks by Way of Contrast on War investigation of different epidemics of typhoid fever at various army posts in Indian and Egypt, the author has arrived at the following conclusions: (i) That air, by means of flies and dust, is an extremely weak medium of conveyance of typhoid fever in armies, both on active service will in all probability remain so until it receives the bacillus by a water avenue. I meet him daily, but remembering my injunctions as to discussing his sickness, I have never spoken to him in regard to his health, but he seems as well and cheerful as before his sickness. He goes minutely into the examination of the pegnant, parturient, and puerperal woman, and it is in the wealth of detail offered that the greatest obstacle to reviewing the book presents itself.

Curative medicine being assumed to be the final and avowed object of the practitioner, Professor Thompson has written this book with this purpose constantly in mind.

In whatever exercise is taken the patient should always The importance of maintaining nutrition by a carefully selected diet cannot be overestimated. Deerskin tents are Sound do not use tents, but have summer houses erected above ground and described as" generally log structures roofed with skins and open The tents at Point Barrow are still constructed in a manner very similar to that described by Dr. The development of the sexual forms of the tertian parasite, as described by the writer, can at present only be offered as a probability, not as a demonstrated fact, while the origin of aestivo-autuninal crescents is as yet entirely obscure.

The weak point in this argument, however, is that the advantage of the transition from the first to the next form is not sufficiently obvious. The pulse rate, says the writer, is the most valuable symptom of all. In those epitheliomata in which lymphatic involvement has not yet taken place or is not to be dreaded, removal by some caustic will often be consented to- by a patient who would refuse an operation, and the results ought to be equally good.

If the bulging is in the posterior and inferior quadrant, insert the knife, cutting edge down, a little above the center of the drum, and make your incision downward. The substance was first described in Mercury I'Alananaie is a white, crystalline powder derived from lactic acid and proplieglycole; soluble in threei parts of cold water. The exudate in tuberculous peritonitis is not infrequently absorbed spontaneously under stimulating treatment, and the children recover. Besides, this explanation fits in with the experimental evidence, as Cramer and his collaborators and Kurivama have shown that thvroid fed rats on high carbohydrate diets had neghgible amounts of glycogen stored in their Uvers, while control animals on the same diet showed large amounts.

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