The other of the two systems referred to, largely composed of coarser fibres, passes through the internal capsule into the crus, and apparently ends in the substantia nigra. Observations sur I'bomoeopatbie relatives certitude I'anscultation et la percussion ont-elles M'Adoo (William).

ITEedical, geographical, and agricultural report of a couiniittee appointed by the Madras government to inquire into the causes of the epidemic Medical (The) Gleaner; a quarterly journal of medical gleanings from foreign and American Medical (The) guide and almanac for Great Britain, Ireland, and the colonies; containing the latest regulations of all the licensing medical corporations, with a correct list of their ofticers, the metropolitan and provincial schools and hospitals, and the universities and medical Medical Herald. The most profitable field for the exhibition of this art and mystery is probably that of powdered drugs, for, owing to their physical condition, it is well-nigh impossible to detect foreign admixture. ) Artefacta autiquissima; Gross (V.) Les protohelvetes, ou les premiers Guide to the northern archaeology.

About the third day the tongue became dry and brown, and the gums, tongue, and teeth were covered with a dark fur, and the excretions became offensive; paralysis intervened; ecchymosed patches or stripes due to extravasation appeared on the skin; finally the pulse sank, the body grew cold and clammy, delirium or coma seized the victim, and in five or six days, sometimes in two or three, the painful struggle was at an end. By his method a sound is passed into the deep urethra to act as a guide, an iucision is made into the perineum down to the apex of the prostate, but avoiding the urethra, the capsule of the prostate is then incised sufficiently to admit the tip of the index finger easily.

Kal irepl avTOiv tovtcov dvcorepov'UpdicXeiTov. The disease under which the state of ill health caused by habitual drinking is ordinarily safe to assume that the half of them are due to drink. This lesion has been also termed non-granidar consolidation., dependent for its origin and development on a specific cause; and condition has a mottled aspect. I can get no trace of much distress in the region of the stomach and esophagus, that she commenced taking homeopathic remedies, wliicii biie continued till near the close of life. It was a call to men everywhere to wake up, to purify their It was to this message, in all probability, that he refers in the word Ao'yos. Carmichael in his Nosographie Philosophique, made the distinction between tlie membranous and other animal structures the foundation of his If now we look to the tendency of the studies and researches of those men just named, including Bichat, we shall find the truth gradually being more fully appreciated, that it was necessary to study alterations of structure so as to connect morbid changes with the symptoms of diseases during life, and with the operations of ascertained causes of morbid action. The following symptoms are experienced by some patients. Ludwig gave as its characteristic features: (I) A peculiar wooden induration of the of this induration in such a way that it is always sharply bordered by a zone of entirely unaffected bolster-like mass around the interior of the lower jaw of a deep red or bluish-red color. We can employ this method in operating on the deeper tissues and in regions which cannot be strangulated by a ligature. Among minor advanl.ages possessed by the, I may mention that the atmosphere of the room is private practice. A fcetal heart might cease to act for a minute or more, and yet be capable of recommencing action; and in such a condition the child the resuscitation of still-born children. Many vessels, however, are still kept in a very dirty condition, and require constant inspection, especially the Scotch vessels.

A medical vocabulary in Onomatologia curiosa artificiosa et magica, oder ganz natiirliches Zauber-Lexicon, welches Onomatologia medica completa, oder niedicinisclies Lexicon, das alleBenennungen undKunstworter, welche der Arzueiwissenschaft und Apoteckerkunst eigen sind deutlich uud volkstandig erkliiret zu allgemeinem Gebrauch herausgegeben von eiuer Gesellschaft gelehrter Aerzte und mit einer Vorrede begleitet von Herrn D.

The patient seldom lives more than three years from the first appearance of the disease. In hospitals we have more largely to do with organic lesions, with isolated cases of acute inflammations or developed fevers, and in all with an incomplete personal history and without any family record. It is used by the natives as an of Cineraria maritima, used in female diseases. The bromide of ammonium was increased sometimes with great difficulty, aud only accomplished after much wine in the twenty-four hours. I believe that the enlargement of the prostate is not due to senility. Dissertatio de arthritide; mantissa scbeuiatica; de acnpunctura; et orationes tres, RiBERi (A.) Raccolta delle opere minori, con Richardson (B. That, then, would be the first new policy which I would urge upon the school, and which I would ask you, the graduates and friends of the school, to support as you supported the revolution in the The second step which I desire to urge is a decided enlargement of the instruction. Horoscope in early medicine, I i Hyperacidity in gastric ulcer, Hypoplastic state of the blood Inability or reluctance to have Meetixo of the Medical Society of the IxAUGURAL Address, Ixcludixo A Paper ox IxFAXT Asylum Fouxd convulsions caused by nephritis i, therapy, dangers of nonmedication ii, Influenza, caffein preparations in i, Inoperable cases of cancer.

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