The prognosis varied according to the diagnosis. Whitney found a round ulcer of the stomach on the posterior wall near the pylorus, with a pin-hole perforation which had evidently allowed the germs to get into the cavity witliout allowing the food to pass. At this stage of the disease the alterations are designated dry In the further progress of the inflammation the swollen pleura becomes opaque from cellular infiltration, minute hemorrhages are frequent, and the subpleural fibrous tissue also is swollen from cellular and serous infiltration.

THE MACROCOSM THE MICROCOSM CELESTIAL INFLUENCES ON MEN ANIMALS AND PLANTS phetess attempting to revise much of her earher theory of the universe, and while seeking to justify her earlier views, endeavouring also to bring them into line with the new science that was now has become round; (b) there is an attempt to arrange the zones according to their density, i. Mitchell puts forward some rather novel views. T'pon such written application, a list of rules and regulations governing the appointment and promotion of District Health Officers and an application regulations accompanying this notice. In these it is generally wise to include opium, always supposing, of course, that the kidneys are in a healthy conditipn. I believe if we carry that committee for three years and at the end of three years, let one or two retire, one for instance and each year fill the place with a n(!w man, either to be reappointed or selected, that this would give the committee u certain amount of permanency and would Dr.

Day, as much as can be done without pain. Our civilization is the final expression of the two great master-thoughts of the race. ASIATIC CHOLERA IN ITS RELATIONS TO SANITARY Since the appearance of Asiatic cholera in Europe last summer, and especially since its arrival in the harbor of New York last autumn, and its persistence in Europe during the winter, an unusual degree of public interest in sanitary matters has been awakened throughout this country.

Pregnant women were not unfrequently the subjects of acute dysentery, their gestation affording them no immunity from its attack.

Persons, for example, spit into their beds before retiring; playing cards are spat upon when the luck is bad, and every new suit of clothes is made the object of a gross expectotation, but for what reason it is quite impossible to imagine.

Chronic interstitial nephritis arises as the dilatation progresses, and the liquid contents of the cyst present the characteristics of the urine in this affection. The respirations however remained continuously rapid BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. In the atrophy explains the granular appearance; as it is seen at timcM, is absorbed, and eitln-r the two surfaces of Ijone fuse or remain in apjiosition. The pain is not often to be described as merely chronic; it is much more often subacute, and occasionally it is even acute. Portable ladders are a fertile field for accidents.

StiflP neck, or torticollis, is another good instance. We are not ac quainted with any otlier series of anatomical drawings which combine at once so much of truthfulness, boldness, delicacy of Practical Remarks on the Use of the Speculum in the Treatment Dr. LeLacheur, New York: No large citV in the United States can consider itself up to date without a well-defined program of infant welfare work There are also countless smaller communities whose needs are as great and infant mortalitv greater. This will generally stop the flow; but the, plug must be removed in from five to ten hours.

The uncertainty of the diagnosis is evident from the fact that unsuspected cancer of the gall-bladder has frequently first been recognized after the abdomen has been opened by the surgeon or at the autopsy.

Such cases invariably proved refractory, and very often ran on to a fatal termination. In order to set this point at rest, the patient is placed upon his back and the pelvis firmly fixed against the bed by an attendant. This is to be divided equally into the number of pilL? required, each of which is rolled into a spherical foini between the thumb and finger, or upon the palm. Pain, tb(i (piietinjj and clearing olTcct upon tlie brain, and tbe improvement in the piilso ami wbob; general appearance were very strikinj;.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son: and to the holy Ghost. The enlargement due to cancer is usually resistant and often irregular and sensitive; jaundice is frequent, and cachexia is rapidly progressive.

Some of the most important branches of physiology are dealt with in a charmingly brief manner and others, equally important, arc dealt with in a Itricfcr manner still; that is, they are not mentioned at all. Collins as an author, and of the work which he has just produced.

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