Any clew by which the authorship of a dissertation is made known to the Committee will debar such dissertation from competition. It we pay attention to this we will do more by prophylactic treatment than by the therapeutic means at our disposal. The uterus was forthwith removed by the vaginal route, and was seen to be the seat of very This case emphasises the importance of exploring the blood-stained discharge occurs, even though the previous examination may not disclose evidence of the malignancy. Such cases occur not unfrequently in the latter stages of heart disease. The nosological arrangement adopted is altogether in defiance of the modern improvements in medicine, and exhibits a curious jumble of diseases.

All of this necessarily involves much thought and labor upon the officers and committees concerned. There are various possibilities; but the only really satisfactory way we have ever found of accomplishing this purpose is by having two different intensities. Then many of our present day methods of terminal disinfection are in no way to be termed an advance over those designated by Moses for cases of leprosy and syphilis.

I gave only thing I did to him was to operate on the foot, disinfected and no results. Muscular work promotes, in the corpulent, lx)th albuminous change (muscle formation) and the feeling of strength. Fom-thly, to cause expulsion fiom the air-passages of false membrane in croup or diphtheria, or of secretions in bronchitis and phthisis. The possibility of securing remedies which are easily carried and dispensed, that keep well, are accurately dosed, and deliver tJie goods, leads to dispensing Some interesting comments are elicited. For consideration they may be roughly classed in the following groups, it being understood that all may occur either coincidently or in sometimes remarkable quickness of apprehension; but, carefully tested, it is found to be w-anting in the essentials of the highest class of mental power. We have devoted too much attention to the disease when we should have looked carefully upon the patient. One is called vacuum sinusitis and is caused by absorption of the air when the osteuni is closed, and is frequent in the frontal sinus and accomijanied by severe supraorbital hejidaches, increased by reading, and associated witli tenderness on pressure over the pulley of the superior oblique muscle. This chapter is to all intents and purposes a reprint of his article which appeared in the American Jovrnal of Obstetrics and same photographs, with a few drawings added. Many such women require a second operation for conditions which could perfectl.v well have been relieved during the course of the tirst if it had been preceded by an exact diagnosis. He studied the man, ascertaining what he had done that was along his line of research, and got into communication with him, speaking in pleasant terms of subjects which both had studied in common. Its chemical composition is a compound of lime and bile-pigment, or traces of mucus and phosphatic earths. I am trying to get some other patients let me try it, and if I do I shall report later. Later, as tonic reconstructives are indicated, the triple arsenates (iron, quinine and strychnine) should be substituted. This is allowed to stand until it has"set," when the curd is broken up, and separated from the whey by straining through cheesecloth. I have noted the fall of a colleague and seen about him vultures, harpies, cormorants, representing envy, hatred and greed. It would be impossible for me, of course, to feel quite confident, moreover, that no one wishes me to do this, even if I were competent to do it.

The foregoing is the only one that did not respond to the suspension method, and I am under unut terablc obligations to Dr. We may take the milk for each and every calf from a cow which has calved normally and has cleaned promptly. The mother is not a bleeder, but her husband and other children suffer from In arriving at a conclusion regarding the causation of the haemorrhage, in this case, one may be assisted by the following I. The best results are achieved when the amount of tuberculin used falls just short of producing a reaction, extending the treatment without attempting to shorten the time required, and increasing the dose carefully as immunity progresses. First, the captain resorted to the method by instillation of undiluted mallein in the conjunctiva and he obtained fairly good results, but as there were many drawbacks to its use, he fell back on the intrapalpebral test, modifying slightly the original method in the preparation of the mallein and injecting only one-fifth of the concentrated mallein as a dose.

All of the priests do not appear to have undertaken medical functions, but some of them had that office, and there is mention of priestesses, whose function is uncertain.

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