The actual cautery is also used to produce a moral effect in certain neurotic conditions. Is it not time that a change came over us, and that a preacher aimed more at interesting and converting men, and less at the reputation of refinement of style, and exquisiteness of propriety? A minister once said that a sermon without a fault would spoil a revival. Any person desiring to go into business as a Pharmacien must wait until he can meet with an establishment for sale; then the license of the government must be obtained, and this is granted only to those who possess a degree in Pharmacy, obtained at some university recognized by the State in which the party is about The indiscriminate sale of poisons to the public is strictly prohibited, the order of a medical man being required. It is not that we need new inventions of research, but that we and, honestly speaking, not very useful, except as floating capital capital promptly, I will take in illustration one or two of the The immensity of the discovery of the circulation of the blood so deeply influenced medical men, that, for over two centuries, all dynamical acts of the Uving body have been included in the study ot the circulation, while, to create newness, many ideas have been connected with the discovery year by year, some of which are good others, at the most, a mere part of the thing itseK, or perhaps no part of it, but an imagining upon it. The man was given Epsom salts on his admission, to move his bowels. The same thing may occur at the summit of the lung, though perhaps not to so great an extent; and this is tubes are larger and more direct than on the left. For these patients it is often as physical contention excites them more and more, Chloral, bromides, or morphine may be used if the lelirium or restlessness be of sufficient degree to unfa Fvorably affect the case. - has had spasms or cramp fits from childhood, most apt to occur at the"month," or when unduly excited.

Husson to permit some of his patients at the Hopital Cochin, to be subjected to this mode of treatment, and the results thus obtained are published by M. In this disease there is feeble nutrition of nerve, as gentlest active exercise in these cases. Physical signs depend on the amount of area involved. In about half an hour afterwards I was in perspiration, which almost relieved the attack.

The more definite p.sychic disturbances also may clear up completely, but their spinal fluids cannot in every case be brought to normal. WHO HAVE NOT yet sent payment for the current year will oblige the publisher by remitting soon. Special importance attaches to"the superior clinical I advantages possessed by this College." For particulars, see annual HQ CL RFTTrtN IWI A CO C" V announcement aud catalogue, for which, address the Secretary The curriculum is graded aud three annual winter sessions are required. Irregularity of time occurs frequently in valvular heart disease, and is sometimes associated with intermission.

To start the flow it is sometimes necessary to press several times the bulb-like expansion which is situated at about the middle of the tube.

Carbon and nitrogen containing, and of the benzol type.

These figures as to the case incidence of insanity are somewhat insane, and it is probable that the percentage is somewhat high for the reason that many of the milder cases of pellagra would not come under observation unless they were sought. At all events, after passing his water upon a clean board, and allowing as much of it to flow off as would, you could then scrape up with a knife a teaspoonful or two (after every passage of urine) of phospha'es, urates, etc., closely resembling whitewash which had been applied to the board, and which had there dried. THE VALUE OF NUTRITION IN DISEASE.

The fifth variety is tic-douloureux, the most serious, often incurable, and generally associated with atheromatous disease, thickened arteries, arcus senilis. Bob Underbill, the protector of University of California funds, am not going to give away anything that I don't have to." So by handling the retirement issue this way, he probably felt, fiscally, that he didn't have an obligation. Seven eminent European physicians are attached to the royal household of the Sultan of Turkey; each one passing a night in turn at the palace, or wherever the imperial harem happens to be at different seasons of the year. The height of the body depends generally, not upon the length of the trunk, but on that of the extremities; while therefore the central circulation in every individual remains nearly the same, the extent of the extreme vessels is constantly varying: consequently, in one individual the capacity of the veins of the extremities must be small, and in another large in proportion to that of the trunk, and the effects of applying ties must be correspondingly greater or less. After this a permanent The former consisted of calomel and Dover's powder in small and frequent doses, during the stage of excitement, with infusion of collapse; the latter, of a strong solution of the deuto-chloride of This latter remedy was first suggested to the author as a local application by Dr.

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