For treatment, rest, milk diet, and sulphate of magnesia were efficacious, whilst the administration of ipecacuanha was disappointing.

Caries of the Spine, being an advanced chapter of the ciples of the Treatment of Spinal Causes, and Treatment of Bodily Jansen, M: dme. He first came to my months after the commencement of the illness, when I made palpebrarum muscles comes over him, lasts for a few seconds and passes away.

Westmoreland, of Atlanta; The Case of Rupture of the Abdominal Muscles during Normal Labor, by of Imperforate Hymen, by Dr. The latter, however, requires twenty minutes' friction to insure absorption, and this would not be possible on account of the intense hyperesthesia patients to breathe deeply, and, when the fever declines, to perform extension movements, slowly raising the arms to the horizontal, then over the head until the hands meet, at the same time slowly and deeply inspiring and expiring. The posterior primary fossa of the pelvic peritotieum forms what may be termed the rectal subdvision of the pelvic cavity, since the empty rectum occupies its central This large fossa is limited by the posterior wall of the pelvis behind, and is separated from the middle fossa in front when the bladder is empty by a prominent orescentic (sacro-genital) fold, which runs across transversely, about a half to one inch behind the posterior border of the bladder.

To accommodate these very extensive additions, the work has been printed upon a smaller type, so that notwithstanding the very large increase in the matter and value of the book, its size is more convenient and less cumbrous than before. His work met with great opposition, and his methods were decried and even his motives impugned at a stormy meeting of the Academy. In addition to the local disease, there was marked general prostration, and the patient continued feeble for months afterward. Series College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. The two conditions which most commonly interfere are (i) tumors of the essential thing. Of "" course, the body, under such circumstances, should be kept warm by hot-water bags and light, warm clothing. A case is reported where epistaxis, extending over many years, settled in these sinuses.

In Italy attention has been called to the fact that mosquitoes hibernate. It is curious to observe that although we ascribe the affection to exclusive spinal derangement, yet that" conscious sensation" is generally impaired. The change to stronger formulae should then be made iust as rapidly as the absence of vomiting and of curds in the stools will permit. So a rise in tissue temperature from the application of heat, from fever or even from hot weather may increase tissue fluids ( He does not speak of it as a malformation, and seems to be the only one of these writers who had in mind the possible element of artefacts, for he states that the changes mioht liave been due to manipulation, although he believed otherwise. Stirling was called in, and finding the head firmly packed in the superior strait, at once recognized the indication for interference.

A free quantity of water should always be mixed with the solution when it is to be taken; too concentrated, it leaves a caustic metallic taste in brought to him for treatment. The condition of the organs in this case is believed to have been influenced by the suffocating steam in which he was required to remain while at his work; the large quantity of whisky which this man is reported to have drank, together with his condition when last seen, makes the result quite certain.

There is abundance of new bone surrounding a necrosed portion of the shaft in each bone; but there are no In speaking of the treatment of periostitis, Mr.

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