Presentation of a new aspirator, value of Girdner's telephonic bullet-piobe in locating the bail, Liver.

Wayne Bradley, assistant director of the Washington office of the American Medical Association. There was a slight leucorrhea but careful search revealed no gonococci in the discharge. The remaining sinuses were opened into the rectum, and the whole curetted. For several months after the receipt of his injury he was confined to his bed in consequence of a profuse and exhausting suppuration, and the opinion prevailed among his medical advisers that some foreign substance had been retained. Charles EXAMINATION FOR ASSISTANT SURGEONS, MARINEHOSPITAL SERVICE. In a case such as has been related, bowel, and marsupialization. The finger is a safer instrument, but even this may be plunged into the structure of the brain without our It is pretty certain, also, that a ball which has been projected with sufficient force to enter the cranium, will have enough force remaining to penetrate very deeply, if not Larrey once traced out and removed, by a counter-opening made with the trephine, a ball which had passed several inches along the course of the superior longitudinal sinus; and some other cases are mentioned in which a ball has been found and successfully extracted which lay quite deep within the structure of the brain. The patient knows no cause for the trouble. The patient recovered from the operation without any trouble, and has since remained quite well, though she has never menstruated, and has suffered from the usual climacteric distress. The biggest reason for the present cost of medical care is its A southern Illinois dairy firm public service to help parents realize with Mt. Professional Building, in the building; available for immediate occupancy, adequate Excellent opportunity to thrive in a group setting. There is a slight left lateral curvature of the dorsal region of the spine, the hollow of the lumbar region almost obliterated. A detailed description of these elements will serve to show the possibility of mistaking them for a flagellate stage of Babesia or some other species. It was manifestly a recurrence, but seemed to be limited to a small movable nodule, and its removal was therefore attempted broken-down material, similar to that found at the first operation, and the disease had extended round on to the buttock and involved the gluteal muscles. In cases of drowning of this variety, the air-cells and bronchioles are filled with mucus and water in the form of fine froth and the cells of pavement epithelium in the mucous mem brane undergo an appreciable degeneration in consequence of the passage of water through them.

He had for many years before gradua,ting lived in Nahant in summer, and took a deep interest in local affairs. The first appearance of the lesion had been not unlike that of the wheal of urticaria, but smaller and less inflamed.

The technic otherwise was essentially that of Wright and Douglas.

The noble deed of the defence of Rome, recounted by M.icauiay, fires the im.igination of the youth, moves the middle-.iged, and lives in the recollection of the old. A reporter came to see me, and I sent word to him that I was then out on the operating table in such a position that I could see no one, while an elderly surgeon was engaged in removing a porous plaster received during the. Sir: I propose the following formula for memorizing the causes of abnormal intracardiac sounds as one of the simplest The President, Dr. The same is also true if the second injection be made directly into the circulation. This was left on for a week, and gave great relief, without any other that made the disease an infective process. After dividing the cord, in a dog suffering with chorea, the movements continued iu the posterior e.xtremities as before, save that, after the division of the cord, the muscular movements in the fore and hind limbs were no longer synchronous in their rhythm. Presbyopia is not a cause for rejection unless it is very Loss of the nose usually implies, in this country, the prior existence of a syphilitic taint. Enemy waters, gives them a chance to get away. On reaching the house, he found her in condition of collapse, bathed in perspiration and unable to lie down, and making constant efforts to vomit.

I operated at one o'clock, and was much surprised'to find a localized collection of pus ready to rupture and be followed by suppurative peritonitis.

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