" There is an opening in the male bowl in which is" sweated" a similar and smaller cylinder of a size to easily slip into the female cylinder. Mix one part of the calcic chloride solution with eight parts of the alum.solution, and add the hematoxylin drop by drop until a deep purple color is obtained. Chorea and certain states of mania and melancholia illustrate tliis. Not only the periosteum but also the surrounding tissue has been invaded by the carcinoma, partly in the form of nests of carcinoma cells with subsequent cyst-like formations and partly as very narrow and long bands of epithelium. It was not a"giant in chains," which physicians needed to approach in fear when they would unchain it, but no physician, in his opinion, should be content to use a therapeutic agent without inquiry as to its exact nature and the elements of its entity. As regards the manner in which the albumose makes its appearance there is only one observation on record, and that is in connection with the case at Lyons. The common practice of pressing a glass slide against the meatus cannot be recommended on any ground what ever.

Hartman to attend the meeting, and the paper was It was decided to give a banquet at the Army and Navy Club The following members of the association were present at the The meeting was adjourned to convene at the call of the The annual meeting of the above association was held in accepted, and the applicants elected to membership in the association. The" What did the doctor pronounce your ailment?" inquired she, with a tremor of anxiety in her tone, as she came into her husband's sick-room. A large deputation from drunkenness. The urine must be withdrawn and collected in sterilized test tubes (reviews).

In the latter instance it may be applied to the whole surface in the form of The dose of Sulphur as an alterative is five to twenty grains three times a day; as a purgative, one to three drachms.

A saturated solution of tannin will usually accomplish this. With a sharp scalpel, an incision is made at right angles to the grain of the skin over the point of maximum fluctuation, and the contents of the abscess are allowed to escape and may even be gently expressed.

In Germany and England vaccination is looked upon with some suspicion owing to uncertainties in strength and action of these products.

C, was then given, followed within a few hours by a drop of two degrees in temperature, regular respirations, and finally recovery with slight ocular and right deltoid paralysis.

In the Slate of New York, for instance, where there are twelve thousand epileptics, some four hundred or more are in insane asylums, and some six hundred in the county poorhouses.

There is no fusion, but an immediate transformation in the cell contents of each individual sets in, concluding with an interchange of nuclear substance.

It may not be too visionary to suppose that a careful study of photographs, taken at different periods in the life of an individual whose case has come before the courts, may prove to be of medico-legal importance, and give the medical expert valuable assistance in comparing the past with the present mental and INTESTINAL DISEASES: DYSENTERY. One is able to approach, at the some time, very close to the bifurcation of the trachea and thus obtain exudates directly from Following are the histories of the horses, with the results of from an acute attack of influenza; at present suffering with purpura; nose, legs and abdomen swollen; very weak condition; Nose Staphylococcus aiircaus and B. There is a zone of white about the mouth. SoLis Cohen, of Philadelphia, would ask Doctor Landis to make one shght correction, viz., instead of the word Jews, to insert the word Russians.

" What's that paper you've got hold of, Bredon?" he asked (legit).

Experiments were then made witli reversed magnetism. Glycyrrhiza, powdered extract, in l-lb. The functions of the stomach then are mainly twofold.

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