Spring beds without mattresses we considered a luxury, even when two of us had to sleep Vrnjeacka Banja is a little village folded in the hills in the Western Morava Valley. It is now beyond doubt that a number of tuberculous arthritides terminate in what we used to call recovery, that is, a more or less complete fibrous or osseous ankylosis of the affected joint. He points out that on the outbreak of the present war previous wars. I have seen few children enjoy undisturbed health who were fed exclusively upon condensed milk. Lady Renshaw, Barochan House, Houston, was convener of the Ladies' Committee, and the stall conveners were Mrs. Br.) Woolston Lawn, Southampton (S. Nocard found invariably that the inoculation of meat juice taken from tubercular animals had but little success; and Arloing, another of the great veterinarians of France, had the same results in his experiments. The portion of the tumor situated in the bifurcation seems softer than the Microscopic: Sections through the peripheral portions of the tumor show a rather thick, loose, though in places dense, deeper layer a nonmedulated nerve trunk. He explains that under these bad hygienic conditions the child, in order to look at any particular object, has to turn the eyeballs upward or to one side so as to get the proper angle of hght. Inhalation of warm vapors either constantly or at short intervals, or of muriate of ammonium or spirits of turpentine, will prove beneficial.

To raise the tone of the nervous system was, of course, their chief aim in treatment. I should not, in the presence of a relative indication, proceed if the fetus were a monster.

Clinically it may assume different types, such as the ulcerated, fissured, granulomatous, and papillomatous.

Will avail to clear us from the charge which they bring against us. Such of the patients as could be allowed to partake of cake, oranges, and sweetmeats, were regaled therewith, with negus and tobacco for the male surgical patients. In Connaught ward a large Christmas tree had been gorgeously decorated and loaded with toys of every description, and came in for its full share of admiration, reflecting no small amount of credit upon the lady superintendent and her staff of nurses. On pressure, a small quantity of pus welled up between the tooth and gum; and, near the angle of the jaw, there was a small opening, from which matter was discharging.

Then if this were true, it would be possible to judge the severity of the symptoms in these cases of bronchitis, the cough or the sneezing, by inspection of the middle turbinate regions. The denuded osseous surface was also scraped out.

In their studies on chronic caffein intoxication in rabbits, to produce acute symptoms are sufficient to produce effects on the nutrition of the animal, such as loss of flesh and strength. There is the same chance for recovery as in the non-pregnant woman and the probability of freeing her from even graver danger. The coroner, in summing up, called the attention of the jury to the fact that Wardley had been before him, acting in the same illegal and dangerous manner, four or five times during the present year; and on each occasion it had transpired that he had passed for Dr. Tenderness over the entire mastoid, with slight edema of the soft tissues. StHi-chnine grain one thirtieth three times a day to tone up the muscular coats of the wall of the rectum.

States that none of the large number of drugs so far recommended for the treatment of carcinomatous ulceration, has proved of any great value, even solely for tiie relief of symptoms. A new pavilion has been erected for the reception of patients. In order to demonstrate with certainty the part played by the arteriosclerotic predisposition, these writers brought forward two lines of proof; the first, which is only one of probability, is based on the relatively frequent coexistence of other hemorrhages of the same age or old foci in the same subject. Tela corioidea remplie de sang sans ecchymoses.

What are the symptoms? Cherry-red lips, lilac colored cheeks and the odor of new mown hay on the breath, acetone in urine and, later, hyperpnoea. There were numerous gray miliary tubercles in the tissue of the liver near the surface, a few in its peritoneal covering and the spleen, and on the pulmonary pleura. He received the honour the report of the Chief Inspector of Mines, a new type of drilling machine, which cannot be successfully worked without the use of water, has been introduced into some of the mines in Cornwall as a preventive measure in regard to miners' phthisis.

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