It was found, furthermore, that when the substance of the thyroid gland was administered to these patients after their operations, the excretion of nitrogen rose to what it had been previously. The position of abscesses connected with middle-ear disease is of surgical interest.

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But it was not always incomplete removal which caused return; the disease seemed then to invade the mucous membrane to its full depth. In this way is obviated tissue-injury consequent to oxygen deficiency. No routine dosage should be relied upon, but its action upon patients should be carefully watched, and the smallest amount given that will produce a favorable result. On the other hand, the peculiar character of the periosteal thickenings; the sabre-like bending of the tibiae as if from some process of rarefying osteitis often leading to spontaneous fracture; the similar distortions of the bones of the forearms; the chronic serpiginous ulcerations of the forearms and legs, which, subsequently cicatrizing, lead to constriction, and cause unsightly chronic oedematous swelling of the distal parts; the gumma-like lumps on arms and legs, and even on the lips; these morbid phenomena, often encountered in yaws countries, taken in conjunction with the nature of the parasitic cause of this disease, tend to the conclusion that these lesions are The subject requires further observation and study. If he then breathes good air, the carbon monoxide haemoglobin is either excreted as such, or the combination is gradually broken up by the mass action of fresh oxygen. The patient on whom this observation was made web exhibited the anatomical features and periodicity characteristic of microfilaria banerofti. This is the only dilator that is made after this fashion, and, as the handles are of vulcanized rubber, hermetically sealed over the steel, there is no place where it is possible to have poisonous matter retained after any reasonable degree of surgical cleanliness. The chronic erysipelatous affection of the lids led to a decided chronic hyperemia of the vascular netvyork surrounding the sebaceous glands of the lids, cilia, and skin, and consecutive hyperproduction of cellular structure and secretion, and to an exuberant development of epithelium along the edges of the lids, followed by recurrent inflammatory attacks, and the exudation of lymph-cells and fibrin in the excretory ducts of the glands. To this end nitrogenous foods are, in should be used in order to ensure thorough evacuation of the caecum without irritation of its mucous membrane. Hence the hirelings' concentrated fury and impotent rage is against the Editor of the Critic and Guide. The greater superficies prevents any lateral yielding of the eye, and it is therefore driven into the orbit. Health mainte provider organizations, fee-for-service plans, medical savings accounts, large or small group practices, and even solo practices should be able to exist on a fairly level playing field. Dubois), no precipitate forms in solutions that have been kept even for several is injected directly into the muscular tissue of the buttocks. Prognosis is a point where many can differ and be honest in their opinion. The sessions of the congress will be open to the profession. My fourth visit was to a man whom I had never heard of before, but who was keenly alive to the correspondence in the to England, and a greater quantity to Germany. The anatomical picture about the joint involved in the one case is not materially different from Uia,t of the other. Neurological Society; of the Medico-Legal Society; of the Medical Society of the During the last fifteen years it has been my privilege and pleasure to read a number of papers before this Society, but, at no time have I ever presented that which has in it greater promise of good than what I proffer My special objects to call your attention to the value Bartholow says:"There is no fact more certain than the power of Galvanism to relieve pain. It saves you time, too! users (all over the country; that (The favorite with Detroit Doctors.) The Illustrated Medical Journal Co. The scalpel for operation should always be sharp. The efFe(?ls of arfenic giveri a long time iflternally in fmall dofes, or when ufed in larger hepatic tumours, and dropfy, and fometimes eruptions on the ikin. The case in question, to be brief, is one of malaria or not, microscopical examination of the blood showed what the figure represents. Another Quarrel between Hospital Staff and Board of their colleagues, whom they evidently thought was in the right. Amount of blood pumped into the arterial system by the heart, and the resistance offered to the escape of blood from this system through the smaller arteries and capillaries. And they are not competent because they are not diagnosticians. Ladies by concealing four or five of these in a dainty handkerchief would find them a valuable addition to their battery of charms, for they are warranted to make a veteran of ten seasons blush at the selected moment like a Our journals are filled with formuias which are chemicaHy or pharmaceuticaliy' inconipatible,'contain overdoses or are otherwise worthless.