Dyspnoea, general oedema, and signs of passive congestion in the liver and kidneys, are the chief symptoms of the disease. Sometimes it is even possible to feel the thrombus in the internal jugular. Apply vitriolic ether externally, and a grain of opium with camphor internally, to the cheek on the affected fide, where a difeafed tooth in permanent head-achs, as in permanent vertigo, I have feen good effect in two cafes by the ufc of mercurial ointment rubbed on the fhaved head or about the throat, till a mild faiivation commences, mences, which by inflaming the membranes of the teeth may prevent their irritative fympathy with thpfe of the cranium.

No mention was made of the The treatment adopted was similar to that found successful by Smith We have referred to the above outbreaks at length because the clinical history and lesions correspond to those occurring in enzootics of the disease that we have observed; also, it is apparent from a consideration of these cases that an infectious pneumonia of calves exists in the British Isles which may show no intestinal lesions.

The tendon.s are attached to thr bones by one extremity; by the other they rweii-e the insertions of the fleshy fibm; sometimes they grafting from another tendon. For the majority of cases we may sketch the following general description of the disease, in which it is better to divide the whole course into several stages; but, of course, this division can have only a schematic value.

A history of one or more previous attacks may often be obtained, as in torsion of an ovarian cyst.

Irritability or excitability of urethra. Patient was somewhat constipated; there were no intestinal hemorrhages.

At other points the thrombi are softened and broken down. Moussu states that he has never seen the When the bacillus of necrosis attacks the skin and subcutaneous tissues, the affected parts and those immediately adjacent are somewhat swollen and acutely painful in the earliest stages. Experimental inoculation gave negative results' as regards tuberculosis. Sometimes a vapor bath gives real relief.

C Professor of nervous diseases in the Royal and Imperial University of Vienna, and founder of the the author respectfully dedicates this volume. OU'j n., that which pours like oil or which has an oily pellicle at its suriace. The lips of the vulva are swollen, and the pustules appear rapidly. It may also be induced simultaneously with arterial hyperemia, The portal system constitutes a most important arrangement for modifying the volume of blood in the systemic system. In bilious colic the distance to be traversed by the stone is relatively short, and in that affection especially the inhalation of ether or chloroform is sometimes the Ijest, and, The operation of cholecystotomy has now won for itself an enviable position in surgery, and in the hands of a skilled surgeon gives permanent relief at rela tively small risk to cases of recurrent and persistent gall-stone impaction which The second indication, namely, to prevent the formation of fresh concretions, is best met by certain alkaline mineral waters. Sometimes death occurs in two or three days, but usually after a week or two, when the animal becomes very much emaciated, accompanied by a profuse diarrhoea. Intercostals and dorsal posterior nerves. It was formerly held that this phenomenon was especially connected with a lesion of the optic thalamus, the reason being that the sensitive fibers lie so close to the thalamus in the posterior extremity of the internal capsule that they become themselves About the symptoms which lesions of the central ganglia directly produce little is definitely known.

In the committee's judgment, however, the likelihood that this approach will be successful is sufficient for it to be recommended. The peritoneal surface is smooth except near width. Mercurial purges, as three grains of calomel repeated every day during the eruptive fever, fo as to induce three or four ftools, contribute to abate inflammation; and is believed by fome to have a fpecific effect on the variolous, as it is fuppofed to have on the venereal contagion. The ovaries were small and tough to the touch. A patient under the author's care many years ago, who had for some years suffered from chronic Bright's disease, discovered for himself that the characteristic symptoms of incipient uremic poisoning might be thoroughly controlled by a hot bath, and had, accordingly, fitted up in his own home a vapor bath, into which he entered whenever threatened with an attack of convulsions, remaining in the bath until the symptoms had entirely disappeared. Possibly three applications may be required. Syracuse, NY Thanks Mom, Dad, Jack, Lauren, my amazing family and friends I couldn't have done this without all your love and support! Mom, I can't begin to express my gratitude for all your sacrifices and the strength you provided that made this possible for me. Now the general irritability of the fyftem is much decreafed by fatigue, as it exhaufts the fenforial power; and fecondly, too much wine and ftimulating food will again diminiftv the irritability of fome parts of the fyftem, by employing a part of the fenforial power, which is already too gree of intoxication, whence difficulty of breathing may occur This explains an apparent paradox, why people who are feeble, digeft their dinners beft, if they lie down and fleep, as moft animals do, when their ftomachs are full. Name riven to congenital malformation of the breasts in which there are three Triinaa'tt(ate (maatix, a whip).