Normal saline fluid was injected into the rectum, and milk and water into the stomach through a rubber catheter, whilst I gave in my certificate as the cause of death, icterus neonatorum and acute anaemia.

We trust to have a pleasant social gathering. Near Sandwich, Kent, as far as they concern Medical Entomology. Haemorrhage to a considerable extent took place within the was hot, dry, and jaundiced; the epigastric and hypochondriac regions were occupied by the hard and distended sac, but the rest of the abdomen was soft and natural. The bandages and compresses are saturated with discharge, and constantly oozed from its orifice. The male sex is affected more heavily than the female, in most epidemics in the proportion of about three to two. The growth occurred on the chin of a lady, who! had unfortunately consulted a notorious firm of cancer-quacks before she came to me. Will anybody refuse to aid"The Flower Mission", or deny these poor sufferers, so cheaply purchased and yet so inestimably valued, a pleasure as a bunch of fresh, sweet, radiant flowers? We hope some will be sent for the sailors of the of the working classes; to. Nevertheless, we are not so far behind that we have no knowledge of what causes dysmenorrhea. Diseases of Lymphatic and Lacteal Vessels and Glands. J., Southall Park, Middlesex Britton, Thomas, M.D., Savile Park, Halifax Chaldecott, Charles W., Dorking, Surrey Clarke, Arthur, Stock, near Ingatestone, Essex Cleaver, Henry A., Croydon, Surrey, for Book Soc. If an onion be scraped and the juicy part applied to the sting of wasps or bees the pain will be relieved quickly.

At that time she complained of a peculiar pain beneath the right scapula and of occasional attacks of nausea and vomiting, associated with pain along the right costal margin.

" Readily taken and well borne even by a very Samples and Literature tent free of charge to Medical Men on application to our Australian Representative, Our Aseptic Vaccine is active and undefiled. Such considerations induced him to experiment on the properties of the elements of the living organism, by bringing these, while still forming part of the living animal, into contact with certain reagents derived from inorganic compounds. Some prefer to open and dress each bulla. In view of the minute amounts of antibody circulating in the blood of the gonococcic patient the test is necessarily very sensitive, and the comparatively coarse changes permissible with the reagents in the Wassermann will entirely vitiate the results in the gonorrheal test All the reagents therefore must be accurately standardized from control cases. The Cysticercus of Taenia Solium has been found in the subcutaneous tissues, where it forms pea- to walnut-sized tumours.

Xot that I would underrate the value of these investigations, carried on as they were at much personal risk, but to point out that tliese opinions prevented the observer from looking in the real direction, namely, to the clinical facts, derived not only from and well known, it is to the clinical study of the disease that I would now urge the attention of obstetricians, leaving the inquiry as the exact nature of the poison as a separate one, simultaneously carried on, but still separately. On the thighs they ended in a very sharply-defined oblique line which, when the legs were close together, formed with its fellow of the opposite side a triangle, the base of which was the lower border of the abdomen, and the apex the junction of the two oblique lines below. Is it absolutely reliable? These are the questiovis usually asked of the laboratory diagnostician.

Ringer and I studied, was in the habit of treating his cases of psoriasis with tar administered simultaneously internally and externally, and used to impress the memory of the fact on the minds of his class by telling them that such patients should be done to as Noah did to his ark; that is to say, they should be pitched within and without; and his patients certainly did well under the treatment.

Royal Maternity Hospital was held on Monday, the Lord Provost in building, adequate for the purposes of the Institution, and worthy of the city of Edinburgh; the building at present occupied being merely an ordinary three-storey house.

Every home should have a pair of fomentation cloths in its emergency outfit. A muscle exerts its greatest power M'hen it is extended beyond its state of tonic contraction by some outside influence, and its power decreases rapidly as it becomes shortened. Owing to its effects on the naretion of uric acid, it is employed with the best nossible results in those diseases of the urinary organs in which oxalate of lime is present in the urine; also in some forms of prurigo, of urticaria, and of lidien.

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