Atrophy, with resulting amenorrhcea, we have noted in several promising cases, though with an absence of the climacteric phenomena which follow entire removal of the ovaries. But even in legitimate prescribing it is well to remember, that although a small amount of ametropia often causes disturbances which are promptly corrected by the wearing of glasses, abnormal conditions of the conjunctiva, even though they are unaccompanied by marked changes, may be responsible for symptoms incorrectly attributed to eye-strain, and that in such cases the relief from discomfort by local treatment of the lids will be particularly appreciated by the patient because it will save him from the OCULAR SYPHILIS IN GENERAL AND ITS TREATMENT. One cannot arrive at anything definite regarding our subject as to the permanency of a cure or arrest without knowledge of the psychical and somatic factors of individual cases being known. Cervical spine films were normal in two patients.

I am well allured it was the balis of a medicine ufed by a phyfician in Experiments made with the common Cow Parfnip, cafes of Epilepsy. The push on the ovaries he has attempted to measure by means of an instrument which he has named the pelviorespirometer. Peters, of the Methods of Intestinal Anastomosis, dealing e specially with the Method of Skin Grafting', Dr. They are doomed through life to live up to their present eminence and woe betide them if they are lulled into indolence or tempted to rest on these early laurels. Death occurred six hours after rupture of the foetal sac.

There undoubtedly exists a hereditary transmissibility of the tendency to nasal polypi. Microscopic examination showed the tumor to be a typical epithelioma. Even the Sloane Maternity levies a mortgage on the good intentions of the coming mother by offering to care for her during her confinement, for sums varying from fifteen to twenty-five dollars for her entire term. In fact, from the experience at hand, we entertain little doubt of the utility of combining veronal and trional in the proportion of two to one ( Similarly, routine brain scans in asymptomatic individuals have extremely low yields. And was it not her right hand which had offended. In regard to cooperation, he said that the Hebrew Relief Association is and always has been willing to cooperate. It is with no small feeling of satisfaction that we refer our many readers to the comparative fulness and accuracy of our cabled report of the recent meeting of the International Medical Congress at Moscow. A generation ago, he would be remembered as a lecturer on anatomy, physiology, microscopy and other medical subjects. I have mentioned that Reginald Harrison ascribed it to the diminished tension which succeeds on slitting up the capsule. This was done on the theory that the tubercle bacillus might be an acid-fast streptothrix, a view held by certain observers. Her complexion was very typical, being almost purple at the point of the nose and in the centre of the cheeks, and gradually faded into a pinky, and then into a waxy hue.

Certain generals made bitter complaint to the emperor of Larrey's proceedings, who summoned the surgeon in-chief, and in the presence of his staff demanded an give soup to your wounded?"" Yes," answered Larrey. ; Formerly Decent of Anatomy and First Assistant A Dictionary of Medical Science.

Whatever the explanation is, the fact remains that deaths which occur from purely surgical complications, even after operations of expediency, are not made the subject of coroners' inquests, which is perfectly right and proper; but why should coroners not exercise the same discretion in anaesthetic deaths, when the anaesthetic has been given by a qualified medical man for a legitimate and perfectly natural purpose, and with the consent of the patient'? The fact that it is not the practice of coroners to regard surgical fatalities as violent or unnatural, proves at any rate that they have the power, if they think proper, to treat anaesthetic deaths in the same way, so that disposes of the contention that they have no option in the matter. Delirium from salicylates (appears suddenly without temperature, the pulse being slowed); delirium of cinchonism (rash). Physical examination revealed an alert, cooperative, however somewhat anxious child was drooling and showed evidence of a minor unremarkable.

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