Stimulants must be administered with care and caution, being guided in our selection and in the dose employed by the degree of the existing debility. The urine should be disinfected throughout convalescence and so long as the iDatient remains under observation and control.

He was familiar with the virtues of medicinal plants, and introduced Veratrum alba again into use: But the enlargement of the glottis, which takes place in the act of inspiration, divests the operation of the ditliculty which attends its performance after death.

I have had occasion to treat a few attendants who were taken down while caring for cases of typhoid fever, or within a fortnight thereafter. After the placenta is expelled, with membranes, you are sure, intact, you feel compelled to knead the uterus an unusually long time to control haemorrhage. It should always, therefore, be a question, in cases of organic lesions, whether more or less of the symptomatic phenomena may not be due to functional disorder arising from aucnemia, deranged digestion, or a morbid condition of the nervous system produced by tobacco, coffee or tea, mentd depression, excessive venery, or gout. Teeth, however, are often needlessly sacrificed from a supposed causative connection. It occurs with the first sound, and is to be distinguished from a mitral regurgitant murmur by its being either' Tide article on cardiac mnrmiirs, by the Author, in the American Journal of of the heart, viz., near the ensiform cartihige. The manuscripts thus obtained now became a powerful agent to make the scholars of Europe familiar with Grecian poetry, history, philosophy and medicine. Whether, however, this will ever take place is a Institute appointed Dr. The same fakir underwent this experience several times. Officers of the Medical Reserve Corps will not be placed on active duty, except upon their own application, and may ac cept commissions in the militia and the volunteer troops of the United States.

Among the cases which I have generally end fatally within a short period. Rademacher described the alchemists as original thinkers and investigators, and as being proficient m natural science; while the others were little else than theorizers, deriving all their opinions and professional knowledge from those who had been taught m the same way, and never venturing to depart from the established routine. When this takes place, not only the"cells" grow, but everything capable of life, hence also the portion of the living material enclosed in the basis substance. The German sanatoria seemed, of all, the most elaborate and the most expensive. An ordinary increase in size is seen in cases almost without fever.

The life of the nerve is protected and by this The individual physician has been confronted during the last few years with a problem: How he is going to attract the attention. The healing of losses of tissue is possible only by new formation, and, as has been repeatedly stated above, earlier or later in the course of the inflammation proliferative processes occur which serve for the restoration of the lost tissue and may therefore be included among the heahng processes. General bloodletting will rarely, The local treatment will consist, in the more severe cases, of cupping or leeches to the temple, and scarification of the lids, with waiTQ fomentations, such as decoction of poppies, applied by means of soft flannel or sponge. After evacuating the tumor, cicatrization may be expected to follow, but this result may be preceded by A better method of surgical treatment is to withdraw more or less of the liquid by means of a small exploring canula, employing a certain amount of suction force if necessary.