_ Arsenic internally probably takes the first rank. In the scientific session the following programme, consisting of a Symposium on Rheumatism, divided as follows, was presented: Concerning the Gibbs Memorial Prize of the New York United States concerning the Gibbs Memorial Prize Essays of the Kidneys, the trustees of the New York Academy of Medicine beg leave to announce: ist. The action of the uterus is influenced by emotion; the entrance of the accoucheur often, to use women's phrase," frightens away the pains." Fulness of bladder and rectum are commonly assigned as causes of uterine inertia, though it is difficult to explain how. These pains, which may be considered as amplifications of the painless contractions of the pregnant uterus, are known as" false pains" or dolores presagientes.

The condition has been confused with" pulsating exophthalmus," which is generally due to a rupture of the carotid into the cavernous sinus and produces a persistent proptosis with marked pulsation and bruit. The acid combined with methyl salicylate, is especially recommended to be used with friction for bouillon made of vegetables may with advantage take the place of milk for a considerable period (from two to eight days) in infants suffering with diarrhoea.

However, the question is an interesting one, academically, aside from its bearing on the possible duration of the war.

In this Province (Albav-South T,uzon) I have not seen a case of worms, even though many natives consult me. No delegate shall represent more than one Branch or affiliated large and who shall be chosen as far as possible to represent the various provinces, five shall retire at the elid of each year. That is about all we can say about the origin of these ectopic beats. Probably the most interesting and successful feature of our Commission has been the educational propaganda developed under the direction of Professor S. C, for examination to determine fitness for promotion. All the other symptoms have been absent for over a year. The German Sickness Societies during their thirty years of existence have so interfered with the income of physicians that now only a few of the financially able or those where prospective marriages could bring them a competency are able to take up the study of medicine, consequently this automatically bars out the naturally fit from the general practice of medicine. The symptoms consist mainly in the tendency for food to enter the larynx and produce attacks of choking. May success ever attend him in his bright future. Catarrh of the sac comes on very insidiously, and at first gives rise only to epiphora most marked in the morning or in cold wind.

It went across as a much more elaborate organization than the original plans contemplated, and it was recruited to the augmented strength from other Officially it is Red Cross Base Hospital Unit Hospital Unit." It is commanded by Maj John J.

Throat and naso-pharynx, which was very hard to expel.

The old East has two nurses, making the number of staff at the Trinity Neighborhood House and Day with an average conference attendance last been much less rapid, but during the summer ISOSTOX MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOUIIXAL months the Association hopes to increase the monthly bulletin of the Health Department of timely suggestion ou the subject of health fatigue.

In Chronic Bronchitis and Iitcipient Phthisis, it arrests the progress of the disease, allays irritation, controls the cough and expectoration, stimulates healthy impair, but instead, strengthens and improves digestion and assimilation; a matter of the greatest importance in view of the fact that malassimilation is the chief source of troubles, that persist in spite of treatment, perhaps for years. Besides this secondary form of thyreoiditis, a primary form is known in which the thyreoid is clinically the first and only diseased ors:an. She was broken out all over the vulva and lower abdomen, inside of thighs, arms and buttocks, with rose slightly raised above the surface and full of pus, was exceedingly painful Preparatory to putting her on an alterative treatment, I gave her a powder composed of equal parts of boric acid and acetanilide ground to a fine powder, with instructions to damp the surface and sprinkle it thickly with the powder, which I have called"boro-acetanelide." Previously, for several nights, she had slept very little on account of awaked by the uncomfortable stickyness of the parts which adhered to her night dress. The majority of these cases, if attended to promptly, do not require surgical attention or mechanical appliances, but will respond promptly to a treatment with Liquor Uterans.

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