States Pharmacopoeia, Majendie's Formulary and An INTRODUCTION TO THE PRACTICE OF MIDWIFERY, by Thomas DenmAN, from the last London Edition, with notes by Dr John W. The thickening of the mucous membrane in the narrow passages of the child, and especially the presence of a polypus, seriously interferes with respiration, and the result is the accumulation of carbonic acid gas in the brain, particularly about the respiratory center at the medulla oblongata.

Sometimes the rupture occurs during complete repose, as in the classical case of George II, but far more frequently physical exertion or mental excitement is the determining factor. It is true they germinate more rapidly at a higher temperature. Although rare, it is one of the most common of the congenital lesioins. Because of the dangers of the missions and the direct involvement of most of the resources of two air stood until the difficulty of controlling both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and coordinating them with artillery strikes, bombing, and ground controlled the operations of all evacuation helicopters at Khe Sanh and When Phase II of the operation began, two MEDCOM Dust Offs joined the Medevacs and Eagle Dust Offs camped at Khe Sanh to staff quickly set up a few standard procedures for the incursion. A preparation of the very finest grade of extra Para India-rubber and the extreme mmimum of pure sublimated sulphur necessary, with heat, to accomplishing the process of"curing" or"vulcanization." This bandage has been found, by others as well as myself, of great and unexpected value, now and then. It is scarcely necessary to add that vigorous muscular activity makes possible a more liberal dietary. The relief in simple ovarian irritation beneficial effect of galvanism in what he terms spasmodic dysmenorrhoea, and, in cases where great tenderness of the OS uteri and the neighboring vaginal walls existed, he ascribes the satisfactory results to the influence of this agent in relieving spasmodic muscular contractions of the os. It, however, quickly breathed and cried under the efforts of Dr. Neither can we find any one There is a certain appearance in the colour of the nails and the toes, which would rather lead a person to suppose these mummies were white; but when the outlines of the face are examined, and the fact is recollected that a copper-coloured complexion and such facial peculiarities generally accompany each other, the con ceedingly difficult to take a cold.

Glycerite of tannin and a saturated solution of sodium hyposulphite have been recommended as local applications.

Latency is particularly common in aneurysms of the descending aorta. As soon as it neared the ground the enemy took it under fire, killing the pilot outright. This latter proceeding, styled in current literature the Crede method, seems to be the one now mostly taught in the books, and presumably in the lectures of the schools. In the earlier stages, however, when the heat is higher than natural, the body should be very lightly covered, tepid ablutions should be occasionally used to cool the surface, and the temperature of the apartment should never be summer, an old gentleman who honored me by being a pupil, had an attack of typhus, at the west end of the town. On a Case or Acute Cakcek of Liver, with Ptrexu. Diabetic lipemia is always accompanied by acidosis, although the latter frequently occurs without lipemia. The operations were made under the spray and the wounds were treated with a carbolic acid solution. Pilcher does not fail to recognize the other influences which interfere with the healing of wounds, such as defective apposition, excessive exudation with retention of fluids, and the presence of devitalized tissue, it is in the admission of foreign bodies, of micro-organisms, that the author finds the great fountain and origin of the evils that beset the healing of wounds. In paralytic states of the brain, respiration is often very slow, deep, and stertorous. Multiple abscesses of the liver often escape recognition as the symptoms are usually more or less obscured by those of the primary disease or general septicopyemia. In one case there was an encephaloid tumour of the right ovary as large as the head of a foetus. In but few individuals do we find the two combined in equal proportions.

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