Treatment consists in improving the patient's general condition by the administration of tonics and nourishing food. Roddick, memorial to Home Secretary on fees to others wlio have presented books to the titioners and Ethical Committee, report of, inquests, ib.: registration of midwives, ift.; the treatmentof incipient insanity, ib.; the reform of the Medical Acts, ib.: army medical reform, Banff, and Kincardine, Branch, confirmation election of officers, ib.; demonstration, ib.; anomalous case of progressive muscular atrophy, tb.; ruptured kidney, ib.: carcinomatous change supervening on an innocent tumour of the breast, ib.: mediastinal tmnour, instrument for breaking up impacted pall sanatoria for consumption, tft. Early motion then should be underaken and rubbing and bending hand and wrist ftcr the first seven days, and rotation of the forerm as soon as it can be tolerated slowly, and in ny experience that is one of the last functions to There is no way to insure perfect results in all racture cases, but as complete an understanding s possible of the factors that go to make up the auses of poor results will help. The pathological action of these bacterial products must be for the most part, if not entirely, due to their effect upon the cardiovascular mechanism after their absorption into products of the intestinal flora capable either directly or indirectly of producing such results? With regard to the first question, there is not the slightest doubt that certain diemical substances, introduced into the circulation, will produce a rise in the arterial tension.

Tinea Versicolor, Benzene in the Treatment of.. Church) have picks sent to them, for tempering, flrom water-hanmier as for millrpicks; when about to temper, heat Take it from the water to the fire and pass it through the blaze until a little hot; then rub a candle over it upon both Bides and back to the fire, passing it backward and forward, in the blaze, turning it over often to keep the heal even over the whole surface, until the tallow passes oflf as though it went into the steel; then take out and rub the candle over it again (on both sides each time) and back to the fire, passing it as before, starts into a blaze, with a snap, oeing careful that the heat is even over the whole length and width of the quickly as it bums off; and lastly rub the tallow over it again and push it into the dust of the forge, letting it remain until If these directions are followed with dexterity you will have the temper alike from edge to back; and the edge will will jump higher, dive deeper," shave more hogs, bend fiirther without breaking, and give better satisfaction than all other It works equally, well on drawing-knives and other thm tools; and for trap-springs which are to be set on dry ground; but if set in water," pop goes the weasel" the first time the trap is sprung; but the following is the plan for tempering springs for general trapping: dark just that you may see it is red, then cool them in lukewarm water. The sparkings were applied to this patient twice weekly for three months, when the hair ceased to fall out. The inhabitants of the country who shall bear succor to the wounded shall be respected as neutrals, and shall be so forewarned by the generals on either side; and whatever house receives a wounded soldier shall have in him a safeguard, nor shall any troops be quartered upon it, nor any war-tax exacted of it. This cement dries in a few minutes, and by using three coats in the usual manner will unite leather straps, patches, rubber soles, backs of books, etc., with exceeding firmness. Messenger, of Hartford, to convincingly the oomparatiTely inadequate attention hitherto reviews paid tu what is adBlttadly the most important side of the mortality rate problem.

In England and the United States, these numbers are merely conventional. Certain it is, however, that chyluria may exist when careful blood examination during Hfe and thorough search after death reveal the presence of no Symptoms other than the condition of the urine, which contains chyle constantly or intermittently, are usually wanting. Her husband cured himself by sitting in cold water, and using upon the parts an ointment made by stewing celendine in fresh lard. The policy of" segregation" is followed here. Gastric crises (Dietl's crisis) may occur and are characterized by chills, fever, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting followed by a condition of col lapse; they have been attributed to temporary occlusion of the renal vessels by displacement of the kidney which twists these structures. Offspring are not rendered degenrate by the misfortunes of their parenta, but races do not affeet a race; it is the deaths of the race that affect it; it is not the illnesses, but the illnesaea which ended i eases originated in the Old World. The coincident existence of chronic serous exudation into the peritoneal pleural and pericardial cavities is suggestive of the rare nonsurgical affection, multiple serositis. Due to the primary changes in the media and adventitia there, is a thickening of the intima which finally involves the media and adventitia. In some cases headache does not occur: but in certain eases I believe it is unavoidable. A Test-book of the Diseases of Women. The knee jerks are often exaggerated but may be entirely absent.

Some of the answers indicate that the conium is administered with other sedatives, such as bromide of potassium, chloral, codeine. Betanaphthol in larger doses did not seem to give proportional results. The remarkable feature about the case is the long period with purely nervous symptoms prior to the presence of the tumor leg; tenderness along crest of left ilium and rontgenologic evidence of erosion of the crest; rapid development of anoemia; death one year after onset; necropsy revealed osteosarcoma of left iliac hone. It is upon this principle of applying the remedy as near as possible to the scat of sufiering, that the anodyne for dysmenorrhoea is far more of a dead man who had undergone such change from decomposition that he could not Ije identified. A most careful and painstaking examination of cases can onlv help to difi'erentiate these diseases.