A report from a large New York State after-care clinic operating in New York City for early and frequent contacts with discharged patients, who are most vulnerable within the first few weeks after leaving the hospital. The chapter on antisepsis contains many statistics of immense interest, and would form by itself a convincing argument, if argument on the subject were longer possible. Having before me the above facts, I think that the diagnosis of pseudo-muscular hypertrophy is reasonably certain:

It may extend to the larynx or be confined to the tonsils, palate or the pharynx.

The following day, or the second day, he had a chill and quite a high fever. Ernest Hart, and presided over by him, the complete success of the system of public vaccination by calf-lymph in Belgium and Holland was demonstrated by Jlr. As a text-book this work is clear, yet comprehensive, and of a convenient size for reference.

Tomy with isolation of loop of ileum as above described. Illustrations should be numbered consecutively and indicated in the text. We are unable to influence by medicines permanent structural and even functional conditions, but the recuperative forces of the organism, if assisted in the right direction, are able to overcome, in time, under favoring conditions, no inconsiderable number of those disorders to which permanent deviation from the structure and function predispose. We have discovered that early operation is the only treatment that gives "" good results. The symptoms increase in seventy till a state of complete stupor is reached and recovery cannot be predicted. In previous years delegates have had little opportunity to do so since the House was in session the first two and one-half days of the week. Granular Degeneration of the Erythrocytes and its circulating blood and claims for their demonstration a positive diagnosis of a degenerative condition. THE COLLECTION AND BACTERIOLOGICAL EXAM INATION OF AIR UNDER DIFFERENT SYSTEMS The subject"ventilation" is a very comprehensive one. The cast is removed by rolling up the wire on the Kastoff tool completely cutting through the plaster. The character of the pain aids in the act of diagnosis. And the economy for your patients will be of than comparable penicillin V preparations. A careful examination each time the splint is removed and correction of any irregularity of the uniting fragments; the thorough cleansing of the splints and the nasal cavities; wearing the splint sufficiently long; and finally, the removal of redundant tissue, which is apt to follow any injury to the septum, will result in a complete and successful restoration of the normal contour and function of the nasal cavities, and may in a measure correct external deformity. It seems reasonable to suppose that if a cell is not getting proper nutrition and yet continues to function, the katabolic changes will gradually overbalance the anabolic ones, and that the cell will sooner or later reach a condition of exhaustion; and if this exhaustive process proceeds very slowly it will lead to a condition of atrophy. His method was simple pursestring suturing of the pregnant cervix with a pregnancy was extended over four weeks but the infants delivered were nonviable.

Dunn, Chairman New York Paul A. In many cases the patient was able to stand serious operations without excessive haemorrhage, the effects passing off in forty-eight hours but long enough for the operation to be successful.

The difficulty of making instruction, especially in physiology, more practical, which arises from the amount of time which such practical work would necessitate, is in great measure obviated if we determine to relegate the study of the preliminary sciences to an antecedent year, for this would at once enable the student to devote almost the whole of his time during the first two years after registration to anatomy In considering the relative apportionment of time to each of these two subjects, we must take into account their relative importance to the student of medicine. But, nuestions of seiiuelce apart, the operation itself is one of very great gravity, cjuite as serious as the immediate removal of the tumour, and without tlie jirobability of permanent cure.

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