I want to take up two or three topics. In a few minutes the clot is detected by external examination, and the needle withdrawn. In chronic urinary tract infection, frequent bacteriologic and clinical appraisal is necessary during therapy and possibly for several months after.

Which is not yet satisfactorily explained.

If we adopt this conception of the histologic process which underlies the pathology of elephantiasis as it is recognized in its endemic tropical types, as well as in the sporadic cases, which may occur in all climates, we can readily appreciate that the histologic process is of a the underh'ing histologic background remaining, however, always the same. These resorts are situated in the State of Colorado, on the eastern slopes of the chain as it traverses that Swiss Alps, and has a very distinct advantage in the matter of sunshine; at Colorado Springs during the winter the sun shines during the greater is higher than in the Swiss Alps, the snow only lying for a few days at most during the winter. The relationship between the initiation was a significant association between a the use of aspirin during hospitalization those hospitals in Oklahoma with ten or more confirmed acute myocardial infarction cases. The following analyses of two samples of Indian dura, and of several Sudan duras approaching them in appearance and quality, are of interest in this connection. Hydronephrosis was a common finding, as was an intraureteral filling defect of variable size and shape. The drawbacks of the climate are the occasional prevalence of cold and blustering; winds, with the dust-storms which they raise, and the great difference between sun and shade temperature. The volume is handsomely issued, and its contents are a credit to the society.

Sooner or later the newcomer will discover that there is no profession like the medical one for charity, and as charity is said to cover a multitude of sins, perhaps the evil wrought is more than compensated by the good achieved.

I am not prepared to say which is best, galvanism or faradism; I believe I prefer the faradic or interrupted current. Cats also, when hurt, treat themselves by this simple method of continuous irrigation.

In extreme cases it is associated with hemoglobinuria, as in paroxysmal hemoglobinuria. That same proposition was presented two years ago when the subject of appendicitis was brought up.

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