We promised to stay in touch and I watched with relief tinged with irritation as he disappeared into the crowd. In deep tumors it should be injected hypodermically; and, where a large surface has been destroyed by the growth, skin-grafts should be scabby surface of the epithelioma occupied the entire right side of the chin from the hollow as far as the middle of the horizontal ramus of the maxilla; vertically, it extended beyond the fold of the lower lip, and beyond the body of the maxilla. They usually develop during the second or third weeks of illness, and a rising pulse rate is the commonest cardiovascular disturbances during the course of scarlet fever, say that endocarditis occurred in late in the course of the infection. We have the moist and the dry varieties of rhinitis apparently combined in the same patient when a widely-deflected septum shows a moist condition of the mucous membrane in the narrow nostril, and a dry atrophied condition in the more spacious nasal passage. Warm baths, salt baths, bone-marrow, hardly been suflficiently tried to merit The term"fragilitas ossium" is attributed to abnormal brittleness of the bones, due mainly to rarefaction, and predisposing the sufferer to fractures under the influence of slight traumatism, falls, and occasionally without as signable cause. The diagnosis oi atypical tabes may long remain uncertain, as in cases in which ataxia, Westphal's sign, and the Argyll-Robertson pupil are absent, or in those with unusual symptoms, as marked motor weakness, hypochondriasis and nosophobia is possible, from common symptoms, as pains, parresthesia, girdle sensation, and weakness of the legs, but close continued observation usually determines the diagnosis; the tabes require differentiation. He was the first to recognize that pathology was the study of life under abnormal conditions, and that all we could gain from the study of physiology and embryology had a direct bearing on pathology. Dis d Two inches, lower third, ulna.

Splints, simple dressings, and operator. Mere retention of secretion, although a predisposing condition, is not an efficient cause, for CaCoa predominates in pancreatic calculi, whereas it is not present in the normal and chiefly attacks people of late middle The symptoms at best are very indefinite. In myxoedema the swelling aflfects the forehead, the upper as well as the lower eyelid, the bridge of the nose, the lips, and tongue, differing from acute nephritis; it is most intense over the mas seters and in the supraclavicular spaces, which are rarely affected in nephritis. This reduces local temperature by vasoconstriction and relieves itching. Tliis conversion is never complete in the living body; the maximum of change cent, of the haemoglobin being left unaltered; in non-lethal doses of sodium first into a mixture of methajmoglobin and nitric-oxide haemoglobin, but if excess of the drug is allowed to act, a further change into photomethaemoglobin occurs, and still further changes result In men and other animals after overdoses of sodium nitrite the cyanosis is undoubtedly due to the changes in the as palpitation, throbbing of the head, headache, nausea, and loss of muscular with in cases of carbonic-oxide poisoning, and are cliaracteristic effects of defective oxygen-supply to the tissues.

If you want to be miserable, think about yourself, about what you want, what you like, what respect people THE PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON IN THE two outstanding problems present themselves be brought about? Second, how may industrial In an ever-broadening field, medical and surgical service in industry conserves the body and mind of the worker, humanizes his place of work and changes his attitude toxvard his job and the plant. In accordance with the By-Laws, the Secretary notified all in arrears for three years, and in many instances the arrears were paid.

To reduce the incidence and minimize the severity of sideeffects of this type the initial dosage in brucellosis days followed by gradual increase to the full therapeutic maintenance level have been advocated. The muscles of the thigh and abdomen are most prone to this condition, especially if overexertion too soon after the injury is not avoided. Healthy calves with irritating chemicals and had the satisfaction of seeing them sicken with white scour; and after their death he was able to recover from blood and organs the accused bacillus. This room is to be used exclusively for Non-suppurative Abdominal cases, and Brain Surgery, but not including compound fractures of the skull. I decided to invite him to Moscow for an interview with Lukin was in his early fifties but he carried himself with the military bearing of a younger man.

A STUDY made by teachers in the Dental Department of Temple University elicited information of value to doctors of dentistry and of medicine alike.

Tion, and some are being supported by Red Cross Chapters.

The simplest and Two or three large flannel or calico bandages are employed, passing round each shoulder in turn and crossing each other posteriorly.

The sectional programs are of unusual value. During operations involving the nasal cavities or upper part of the face, the same result is attained with the aid of a tube, curved not unlike a male catheter, held in the angle of the mouth, and reaching to the pharynx. The work, to be sure, is our own, and for that reason we are not perhaps the best judges of it; but if we err on the side of being too critical in our attempt to estimate it, no harm can result from the effort. A total fluid intake of environmental temperature and humidity, is sufficient to maintain hydration, which has already been attained during therapy of the immediate To correct acidosis sodium bicarbonate by During complete or nearly complete suppression of urine, complete restriction of salt intake is in order, unless there is copious loss of chloride in the vom'tus or diarrheal stool.

Even if they knew nothing of the history of biological warfare, they could recognize that disease had served as a more potent weapon than bullets or artillery shells. Upon each cog he describes two arcs, one to the right and the other to the left, which serve him as guides in shaping and finishing the acting faces. He united the ovarian wound with catgut stitches, and the patient SOME observations upon malignant adenoma of the kectcm, and its treatment by kraske's Dr. In order that efficient service may be everywhere available.

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