Johnson very correctly observes, that"the search after these imaginary matters in the bowels, or rather the anxiety to dislodge them, has led to a cruel and injurious system of purgation in dysentery." Our object in the employment of aperients in this disease, is simply to evacuate the contents of the bowels, and the less irritation that is produced in accomplishing this object, the more beneficial, we may presume, will be the result. THK Cl'KE OF CRIPPLED CHILDREN. There is a form of dysentery, called by some scorbutic dysentery, which appears to be the product of idio miasmata, and atmospheric vicissitudes, or cold and humidity operating conjointly. In the latter case, little or no prominent signs some very interesting hints from my friend Professor Drake, of the Miami University. On two previous oocasinns the child had been admitted to hospital, but in each instance the attack Eassed off, and there seemed to be no direct evidence of distension, and a mass could be felt in the transverse and iescendiag colon. The animals were next and the resulting phenomena were noted, the temperature being taken as previously, although fifteen minute observations were such a series of experiments is one of prime importance. The end of the middle finger of the left hand is introduced into the ventricle, and the internal edge grasped with the forceps in such a way that it is slightly raised and held tense. - each case should be dealt with on its own merits.

It is due to rupture or sprain of the calcaneocuboid ligament, and in some cases probably the sheath of the flexor tendon is involved, but not the tendon itself. A mixture of three parts active and five parts inactive picrolonate was shaken with twenty parts of alcohol. This was followed by pain in the left knee, then in the left elbow, the pain being quite intense at first.

The percentage of cases in which the eye is affected in purulent middle ear disease has not yet been determined.

The inflammatory nature of this softening of the brain has been much doubted by some.

This is a stubborn fact, and shows the man of talents for correct observation, and the surmounting of theoretical But even suppose that inflammation exist in the stomach, according to some, or in the brain according to others, or even in both, as it no doubt often does, is it not the merest madness to contend, in the present age of medicine, that the body thus diseased cannot be carried safely through without venesection? In typhus fever, and particularly in that form of it so well known in New England under the name of spotted fever, there is infinitely more inflammation than ever was discovered in delirium tremens, and yet the most urgent The pathologist must not always be governed in his practice by the frightful lesions discovered after death.


He has succeeded in making physicians sensible of the ill effects of stimulants, and tonics of all sorts, on the already irritated membrane, and especially of the impropriety of giving emetics and cathartics, which infallibly add to the disease, if the digestive tube be implicated, as it almost invariably is, even where the brain is primarily affected, so that the treatment is now reduced to means so itw and simple, that one is tempted to believe that they must be insufficient to cope with such a train of formidable symptoms as these fevers frequently present. Scarcely has the invalid been washed once or twice than much more urine passes; this usually takes with it some bad matter from the system, and in this way expulsion goes on internally and externally. Better it were a knife! The author of the section entitled'' Medicines and Treatment" has a curious notion of his reader's intelligence, for he puts in quotation marks the expressions,"ride the wheel,""nervousness,""virus," and"cowpox," yet omits the marks in the case of prophylactic, premonitory, etc. Sometimes the books were stood on end, again they rested on the side, always closed. The pressure over the abdomen and upwards towards the diaphragm, respiration becomes more rapid and labored, and her face becomes quite flushed.

In the first and most aggravated variety of the disease, the cough and respiration is always dry, or free from that peculiar rattling, sound in the respiratory passages which occurs when these contain viscid secretions.

In the first series of cases, in which respiration had ceased through the action of chloroform, Scheele's acid was injected subcutaneously, and artificial respiration resorted to. In the centre of a very old tooth may be seen a little mark just posterior to the infundibulum; this is known as the' dental star.' The cutting of the teeth varies to a slight extent. After the enucleation of tonsils a definite smooth-walled cavity corresponding to the buried portion of the tonsil is felt with the finger. The task is beyond the scope of tho general hospitals, for it is impossible for them to provide tho necessary conditions, which should incluiie ample bed accommodation in open-air country hospitals. If the disease is taken in time and properly treated, a cure can sometimes be effected, although there is always fear of relapse.

In gastralgia, the appetite is variable, null, slight, natural, often greater than in health. The figures herewith given are therefore made up from cases in which the diagnosis was confirmed by culture (embracing about two-thirds of the whole number) and others giving pretty clear evidence of diphtheria, either in the fact that they had been contracted from other undoubted cases, or where the membrane had invaded other parts besides the tonsils, such as the palate, pharynx, nose, or larynx.

The mammalia should, for the same reason, present more than the birds, these but little more than the amphibix, and the insects should have a temperature far below that of the fish, which does not hold good in any one of the instances adduced." The author next makes some observations upon the electric faculty, possessed by some animals, which, though interesting, we cannot here detail: the description of the apparatus by which they are enabled to exercise this wonderful power, will be found in the Periscope, department Anatomy. The interesting point is the existence of a condition of this sort in a young man twentyfour years of age, with no history of syphilis.

But so poorly did that officer think of his nephew's fitness for the service that when reminded of his promise to take care of him he answered t" What has poor Horatio done who is so weak that, he, above all the rest, sho;ld be sent to rough it out at sea? But let him come, and the first time we go into actiqu a cannon ball may knock off his head, and provide for him at once." The high-spirited boy did not suffer this discouraging opinion to baulk him of his navy, where the hardships at that time were trying to all but the strongest. Noel Paton, communicated a paper on"Protein metabolism," in which he traced the gradual development of our "" knowledge of the chemistry of the proteins, their part in the processes of growth and repair, and the specific action of their products of disintegration. At an age varying from six to nine weeks the lateral incisors appear, at the age of nine months the corner incisors appear, and at the age of one year all of the incisors are in wear.