Child, of a scrofulous habit, has been declining in health for a considerable time. Subcutaneous and rectal saline enhance the action of injections.

It has been established, that no such phenomena c;in be elicited in children, or in those who have never seen a phrenological cast of encephalic phenomena induced by the inhalation of ether.

In treating this leg they rebroke it and applied a new instrument.

In tubes indicated as"complete, almost complete," etc., the color was not the typical reddish-cherry color but a reddish- or yellowish-brown and in some cases a brownish-violet color.

Theobromine, which is dimethylxanthine, has a greater influence in increasing the force and frequency of the chick's heart and in large doses produces slight tonic contraction.

Other main conditions influencing result: Existence or not of pneumonia and extent to which symptoms of asphyxia have Seven cases of suture of the tracheal wound after tracheotomy, three personal. Ope calcis pam'ta et igne fusa, Potassa caust'ica cum calce, Potass with lime, Calx cum kali piiro, Catts'ticum comtnu'ne for'tiiia, Lapis inferna'lis sive sep'ticus. The series of five worlishops, a joint project of the Department of Psychiatry's Community Psychiatry Division and the N.C. Maxillary Bone, Infe'rior, Lower jaw-bone, Os Maxilln're inferius, Maxil'la inferior, Hyposi'agon, (F.) Os maxillaire (Ch.), Mdchoire diaeranienne, is a symmetrical, nearly parabolic bone, the middle portion of which is horizontal, and called the body; and the posterior is vertical, the angular portions being termed Bami or of the jaw.

In giving iodine it is necessary carefully to watch its effects, and to discontinue it temporarily, resuming its use afterwards in smaller doses, if it produce pain and heat in tlie stomach, or sickness and purging.

L One of these trunks, much j! more extensive than the other, has received the; from all the organs enclosed in the cavity of the ii porta has two principal roots, the splenic vein and the superior mesenteric, which have their other trunk, destined solely to the liver, has been called the Hepat'ic vena porta.

Unlike chlorine, it has no detrimental effect upon such articles. Occasionally a ten-grain dose of sulphonal was ordered to procure a little quiet sleep. The usual improvement followed, as indicated by the general condition of the patient, the fall of the temperature, and improvement in local conditions, disappearance of albuminuria, etc. Alvarenga Prize Essay of the College of Physicians at Physician to the Lung Department of the New York Throat and Nose Hospital, etc. Into this cavity the Fallopian tubes freely opened by palpable orifices; that on the left side, by which the ovum had entered the uterus, being rather more than a line in diameter, that in the right rather less. This plan (with attention to the bowels) should be persevered in for one, two, three, or more w eeks, unless the swelling should have The patient ought to be seen every two or three days by the surgeon during the treatment, as at times the stimulation of the mercury, when promoting absorption, is apt to cause the fonnation, in every tenth or twelfth case, of trifling", small, superficial abscesses: their commencement may generally be prevented by cold wash. In all the experiments wliich have been made, with artificial temperatures especially, it is obvious that this distinction True hybernation is induced by temperatures only moderately low. A steel instrument, composed of tremity,.nnd at the other with a curved knife. Upon this reasoning the supreme court of Towa placed the test as the average of the skill and diligence ordinarily exercised by the profession as a right review in theory, it is doubted whether any practising physician knows what is the" average of the skill and diligence ordinarily exercised by the profession as a whole," and, as he is the proper judge of whether a given act v?ill stand this test, the utility of the rule is While the degree of care necessary to be bestowed in a particular case is governed in a great degree by the requirements of that case, a rule of law demanding that the degree of care and skill required shall be proportionate to the severity of the injury or disease treated The location of the particular practitioner should also be taken into consideration in determining the amount of knowledge and science he shall possess and the degree of care and skill he shall exercise, because, for reasons heretofore referred to, the physician and surgeon practising in our large cities may be reasonably required to possess higher qualificaticms than those in small towns or rural districts. Number of Bacteria in the Gravity Cream and Sediment Layers. Resort to these modified mastoid operations can, in the great majority of cases, be avoided if every patient suffering from acute otitis media is treated by aseptic, antiseptic, non-irritating methods for the otitis itself Principal types of cases showing disproportionate relationship in ability to hear ANALYTICAL INDEX; CYCLOPEDIA OF TREATMENT.

The natives, whose customs are described by Messrs. It is usually considered to be synonymous with Grana'digestion.' A peculiar organic matter, which, in combination with the gastric acids, is considered to form the proper digestive solvent.

House officers now serve It should be clear to all that SAMA has begun to assume a new and significant role in many areas. In fourteen to eighteen days scab falls off and red mark seen gradually fades away. The metal was not found in a fleshy part readily penetrable by the rays, but among Fractures and dislocations offer a broad field for the advantageous employment of the Rcentgen rays not only as regards their recognition, but also in connection with that the styloid process had been completely torn off and that osseous centres were beginning to show themselves in various parts was able to ascertain, in a case of fracture of the ulna, that the fragments were not in apposition, the radiogram being obtained without in the least disturbing the bandage. In consequence of repeated attacks of gonorrhoea, or of the debility induced by a single attack, it not unfrequently happens, as already remarked, that a constant, small discharge occurs, or remains behind, after all danger of infection is removed. Seidlitz, chief physician, states, of about two hundred yards square, perfectly ventilated, and unembarrasseci by other building-s on either side. Several instances have occurred of it in the There is a family in Sufl'olk in whom it or four; and what is singular, always in the male line: no female has been known to have it. The produce of the juice of Suc'charum officina'rum seu offidnale of Linnaeus, Cal'amus Iit'dieus seu Sacchari'nus, Sugar Cane, (F.) Canue A True Sugars are those with which alcoholic fermentation may be effected, by the addition of Liquid sugar, sugar of malt, of the Hard sugar of the grape, ripe fruits, Imperfect sugars are those in which alcoholio fermentation cannot be effected by means of yeast Sugar is prepared from the expressed juice of the sugar-cane, boiled with the addition of quicklime or common vegetable alkali.

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