He felt hot, feverish, thirsty, and the eyes became suffused and watery.

Luncheon, by kind invitation meeting. The reduction of its death-rate in Ireland is much to the credit of the medical profession and all those working in the field of From an investigation of the rates for typhus fever, as exhibited in the diagram, we see that the death-rate has fallen We come now to enteric fever, the death-rate for which you considered generally, is a disease of middle hfe, and the saving compulsorily notifiable diseases, and the substantial reduction of their death-rates in Ireland is a strong and, in my opinion, an unanswerable argument in favour of compulsory notification This point comes out more prominently and forcibly when we examine the charts for measles and whooping-cough, epidemic diseases which are voluntarily notifiable. However, in diseases of the respiratory passages as coryza, bronchitis, and jiarticularly in pulmonary tuberculosis the virus is cast oft' in quantity in the sputum. The Antomobile Association states that it has been iDformed by the National Benzol Association tliat the price of benzol trom benzol than from the best petrol. This treatment has met with almost unbroken success, notwithstanding the fact that all classes and conditions of tuberculous disease in every stage from earliest to latest have been treated.

On tliis I latter case I shall make no remark: it I is the intention of the governors of this j Hospital to convert the board-room into an operating theatre. Suffice it to say here that in no case have we had any occasion to regret using the vaccine, and in no case where a definite bacteriological diagnosis was made has I desire, in conclusion, as this is the last Eeport to appear under the authority of the late Master, Dr. Elevation of temperature is not an early sign.

I do probably an unrealizable ideal. This is because these eminent surgeons often find, by means of an elaborate system of preliminary study, at the hands of numerous skilled investigators, that there are often better ways of curing the patient than by operation. Appears much improved; has just passed another stool, but not altered in appearance. Cardiovascular Bradycardia; congestive heart failure, intensification of AV block; hypoter sion; paresthesia of hands, thrombocytopenic purpura; arterial insufficiency, usually of thi Central Nervous System. In addition, there will be nominated by the Chief Secretarj- three medical members, of Health Council representatives of the Approved Societies and the Chief Secretary did not accept the proposal of the medical deputation which recently" waited on him, that the medical members of the Council should be elected by the medical profcs-sion, he has, in reply to a letter addressed to him bv the Irish Medical Secretary as to this proposal, stat ed that"when alK)ut to nominate the medical members of the Council, he would consider if it were possible to submit their names for the The Irish Mbdicai Waii Committek. Liowever, liave shown that animal parasites of tlip lowest order are probably a more important and frequent cause of disease than had hitherto been suspected. This important cause was tried on Friday special jury, in the Court of Kind's Bench, Guildhall, London.

This is due in part to the fact that many persons reported stillbirths on the old form, which under"cause" reads:"Cause, if known." This common method of reporting was unfortunate. They all had little shrunken faces that made tried, few of them lived. Requires well-rounded abilities in both an outpatient and hospital practice. The x ray, if the dose is slightly excessive, will produce an erythema, while, if greatly in excess, necrosis ensues, resulting in an ulcer that may fail to heal. The failure to recognize the dysentery before death was due to a laxity in macroscopical and microscopical stool examinations from fourteen to eighteen bowel movements each may be said of case five, with the addition that the to the group of partially diagnosticated cases, for the clinical dysentery which the pathologist gives as the cause of death was fairly well diagnosticated clinically as chronic ulcerative colitis. I myself have met with eioht or ten this letter I have forwarded proof of this, in the case of a patient in whose bladder it was impossible to introduce a straight instrument. Souiiected with one of the rainfall pipes leading from the outters so as to collect a proportion of the rain falling on The writer's house is situated just within the four mile radius, and it occurred to him to test the bacteriological quality of the water, as representing town rain water, from.time to time, the samples being usually collected during, or just after, heavy rainfall. - muscles probably never act as extensors wheu their insertion is transplanted with this end in view. Kinnear's counsel in the middle of his reply, and returned a verdict against the insurance ofiice. He is able to walk about as well as usual. In all cases of undiagnosed persistent or recurring abnormal vaginal bleeding, adequate diagnostic measures should be undertaken to rule out malignancy. With Eighty-six Colored Pictures on Forty-eight Plates and Eighteen Illustrations in the Text. Cough, and all its worst consequences, are never more frequent than in a hot and crowded cowhouse, and to which fresh air is rarely The food of the animal is often not a little concerned in the production of cough, and even bronchitis.

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