Bromley's paper on the operative treatment of the same offline disease. The duration of the inhalations did not at first exceed three minutes, but I now give seven and ten minutes' sittings several times a day, and I combine with the inhalation u preliminary application of galvanism to the spleen for five minutes before, and during the whole sitting. The galvano-cautery is of service in many cases of enlarged tonsils when there is objection to removal. For myself I have no such scruple, and were I able to do so with safety I should gladly abolish every pain after the first, and reduce the duration of labour to a bare minimum. Applicationa of one of the Assistant Surgeons being elected, applications are and House-Surgeon. The tubercle bacillus in the vast majority of cases, if not in all, is in the lymphatic structures; involvement of the lungs is secondary. The symptoms increased j appetite was lost, and fatigue easily induced.

The shock was the most severe experienced for many ycai-s, and was felt all over the upper valley of the Earn, from Lochearnside on the west to within a few miles of Crieff. On coughing they are often loud and gurgling. To be strictly accurate, it is' A CIVILISED COUNTRY AND ITS DEAD.


Artificial respiration and galvanism were again used and maintained for some time. The right side of the uterus had become softer in the course of the precedingfortnight.

The anti-scorbutic substances are not solul)le in cold petrol-ether. Unless by education we can so tame and civilise a pathogenic microbe as to subdue its virulent and hostile disposition, while at the same time its beneficial and protective properties are left uniiiipaircd, vaccinia will pioliably never be realised. Our first exercises attract his attention to noises which he gradually learns to distinguish and understand; the attention to sounds and the intelligent and accurate perception of slight differ, ences in sound being the factors that give him the use of his hitherto latent hearing. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. This Act has been duly presented and referred.

In all, there were thirty cases of smallpox among vaccinated persons, with only one death, which may be attributed to the patient having gone, while scantily clothed, from a warm room into the cold air.

Glycerine has been used as a substitute for sugar; it may assist in regulating the bowels. We heard later that We made two trips to Dunkirk, and though our number were usually shelled off Calais, and German planes came over and dropped bombs and machine-gunned the bridge:

Finally, if waterclosets coexist with the well (a most incongruous combination) tlie drain is led close by its side and the cesspool is but a few yards oB'. Macewen can scarcely be justified in looking on his case as"the iii'st of antiseptic osteotomy O. It is a very curious evidence of conservatism that Warburg's tincture, which has been used with such extraordinary results in India in the treatment of malarial fevers of a malignant type, cannot obtain a fair trial in our Southern States. The heart sounds are usually loud and clear.

The compulsory regis tration of every case of gonorrhoea and syphilis, with greatly increased facilities for thorough treatment, offers a more acceptable alternative. The presence of retractile albumen indicates old nepliritis, and in every severe nephritis it is found.

The meetings of the various sections will take place in Trinity College; the Health Exhibition will be held in the buildings of the Royal University, and a banquet in the Royal College of Surgeons. Prasad, Bengal Estabiishmeut, has passed the examination in Persian by the higher standard. Rapidly than with the sanje quantity of chloride of barium, the contracture is annulled.

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