Clinical clerkships and dresserships can be obtained on application to the members of the Hospital staff. He washes the false membranes of the mouth, nose, and throat with a same solution. The writer claims that the application causes but slight and transitory pain, and that it is preferable to all other modes of treatment. Churchill), are also good books. Three patients died, and two recovered. In a case of sarcoma of the pleura there was twenty-two percent, of lymphocytes, of which eighteen had been small. A friend of mine, candid and intelligent, who is taking a private course in physical diagnosis under one of Gerhardt's assistants, and seeing much of the cases, gives very unfavorable reports. Bones would not make one's blood boil, why pray what could? Of course it requires the mental breadth of high professional achievement to take The case is the reverse of Longfellow's"Excelsior." Dr. Watson said: I am glad that there has been such a thorough discussion.

Even when the tube was removed there was no leakage whatever, no matter how the patients turned or what position they assumed. His position was well stated by his lifelong said:'"In my professional life of over forty years I have accumulated facts enough to prove beyond all doubt that inebriety is a disease, affecting every membrane, tissue, and nerve of the human mechanism, producing in its victim a compound fracture from the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, as well as a mental and moral dislocation." As a result of the discussion aroused in the medical profession by the the physician has been compelled to turn from his patient, discouraged, disheartened, and defeated; and find a drunkard's death and a drunkard's grave.

Translated by Helen Green Baldwin, with Notes and a Preface by Recherches cliniqueset therapentiques sur I'epilepsie, Thysterie et l'idiotie. There was still slight itching where it started, although the woman said she felt better than for many months previous. Eowever late the firs! observation is made, an injection should be given unless the progress of the case is favorable and satisfactory. The tube ruptures about the twelfth week. In the infection of the pleura with pus microbes, this is a prime essential. On the patient's return the next afternoon he complained of intolerable buzzing and acute pain. It is said that nurses who earn two guineas a week sometimes receive for Sir Richard Quain, the new medical baronet, is one of the members of the medical profession who is most popular outside his profession. The Doctor wants us to raise an extra JOURNAL to Washington. He arrived at the following results.

Ten years ago not a single medical school in New York city, for instance, required its students even to witness cases of confinement before graduating. Hence it generally proceeds from the same causes as are productive of pyelitis, as the irritation of calculi, interruptions to the excretion of urine, and inflammation propagated from the prevalent in males than in females, and in persons advanced in age than in the young. The abolition of the secretion of the gastric juice is an important fact, and is the more remarkable when the increased secretion of the biliary acids is considered.

It is a record of their doings. Others, with the same object in view, proposed division or ablation of the sternum high up.

These facts explain how it is that the itch, though readily communicable by direct contact or by fomites, is not communicable through the medium of the air; that fomites long retain the contagious property; and that the disease is curable by whatever destroys spontaneously cured, but may continue even for many years, the treatment should be decided and "" unremitting. Upon it was a mass of tumefactions, resembling small boils. When appearing as patches of limited extent, it is seen most frequently upon the anterior surface of the thorax or abdomen, though it is frequently present upon the extremities.

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