For the treatment of this condition careful dieting may suffice, particularly forbidding such articles as tea, pastry, and the coarser vegetables. In the northern part of British Columbia. XVcute plastic pleurisy is readily recognized. The are more than four times as frequent in those groups where the father's earnings arc the lowest as compared with those in the highest earnings group. The severe reactions after the intravenous injections, while apparently alarming, have, so far as present reports show, been entirely free from danger and no harm has resulted. In the discussion following the paper, Cushing expressed the opinion that the character of the pain, its unilateral situation, and the manner of its spread are against foundation for the statement that arteriosclerotic processes in the vessels In these four lectures are included, among much varied and interesting material, the results of Mott's prolonged and original observations on the morbid lesions in the testis and ovary in both germinal and acquired mental disease. Its capacity for accommodating itself to unusual calls upon it is accordingly permanently diminished. For tlie past two years she was losing flesh, and had been troubled with a cough. Except aortic stenosis, it is the only lesion commonly met with in patients over three-score years. Curiously eudugh, in contradistinction to other forms, the brain and cord may be stained yellow in icterus neonatorum, sometimes diffusely, more rarely in definite foci cnncsponding to the ganglion cells which have unknowTi origin, characterized by jaundice, toxaemia and a reduction in tlie medical cases admitted to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in nearly twenty-three years there were only three cases.

The dyspnoea in cardiac cases is probably associated with an impaired elimination of carbon dioxide, with resulting diminution in the alkali reserve of the blood, or an actual lowering of its Ph- In nearly all cases the oxygen venous saturation was increased by oxygen inhalation. The drill of the Grammar School, with its classical learning, produced, whatever may be said now against the teaching of Latin, well-trained wrestlers for the victories of life. It is a colorimeter for two-coloured indicators. It may be of a dull, aching character confined to the prfecordia. The nasal sounds are badly enunciated; tones such as" m" and" n" becoming"b" and"d".

The concentration of sugar in the blood appears to be independent of the leucopenia and regarded by the author as' significant', and he considers that the increased size of the erythrocyte in emphysema is probably associated with an increased quantity of CO, in the blood in spite of normal reaction. In the discussion of every aspect of cerebellar ataxy, the "" same confusion and lack So.serious a criticism will probably not pass without challenge, but it does not lack abundant confirmation. No careful study of the osteological remains has been made.

That obstetrician will see least of it, probably, who has its dangers and its prevention most constantly in his mind. All the prominent topics connected with medical education were appropriately discussed, and referred to able committees, with instructions to consider and report in full at an adjourned meeting of the convention, In the mean time a committee, of whom Dr. Thus, in emotion, we are dealing not with a vague cause which cannot be analyzed but with a definite reaction possible to express in terms strictly material. The Secretary reported that he had received a quantity of fresh vaccine matter from the National Vaccine Establishment at Washington, to be supplied to provincial medical men at cost price. A'NHaen the prize was first given, three professors of King's College brought in turn their classes to compete man returned a nabob to the home of his youth, the honours he received sat graciously upon him. In place of a simple tube, one can be used perforated its whole length and attached to a Y shaped glass tube by both ends. The estimation of non-protein nitrogen in blood by Blood serum is de-proteinized with methylated spirit, and the filtrate oxidized with a special mixture of sulphuric acid and potassium and copper sulphates. Danders was enabled to eliminate the variable from the fixed refraction of the eye, and discovered, fi'st, that presbyopia is not a refractive error, but is simply a gradual lessening of the focal adjusting power, or accomodation of the eye, and usually commences as early as at the structure of the globe, the antero-posterior diameter of the eye may be elongated or shortened, causing excessive or deficient refraction, and called respectively myopia and hyperopia; thirdly that the refraction of the different meridians of the eye may be unequal.

I was allowed to keep twenty-five percent of the profits, and was also given some shares in the company. Positions of trust were conferred upon me, such as tant insurance companies, president of the County Medical Society, etc.

They work hard and steadily; they seek to improve and lower the cost of the products they turn out, realizing that if they capture the world markets, they are doing their best to increase the prosperity of the country as a whole, and of themselves as a part of it.

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