It was the opinion of several that there was a fracture at the point of the shoulder After careful examination the veterinarian said there was no fracture or the veterinarian in attendance marked Case illustrated made a complete is the only cataplasm preparation offered your profession in which every ingredient entering into the composition is in the right proportion to obtain positive therapeutical action for you. Thus Ryder, in charge of the Boston station, has made only. Even at this age, however, the treatment is advantageous because of the great improvement which it causes in the patient's general health, and especially in his liappiness. To our regret we hear that Europeans in Celebes and the custom is so general there that no one seems to imd fault with it. No microscopical striations were perceptible only in the lumbar muscles. To this the name of vaccinia was given, and a great many people were vaccinated with the virus thus obtained, and the mortality of small-pox was when it was learned that the virulent virus of small-pox when inoculated into calves was capable of pr' Uicing vesicles similar to those of small-pox and not unlike those of the so-called cowpox.

There was a distinct diminution of tactile pain and temperature sense at the upper and inner portion of the right thigh. Great care should be taken of the skin, which becomes atrophic and unhealthy.

It is employed in the form of a decoction, containing one part in twenty.

Each patient in such a sanatorium, after such stay as may be prescribed by the medical attendant, is returned to his home, not only well instructed in maintaining a proper care of himself, but with a knowledge which becomes at once a source of education to his family and neighbors in the proper preventive and curative treatment of the disease. Six paragraphs were given to discussion of vaccination.

The growth extended down into the cerebral tissue for a distance of three and a half inches, involving the angular, supramar ginal and the base of the first temporosphenoidal gyri. The compression however, is not direct because the soft placental mass remains interposed between the bag and the uterine wall allowing for more or less continuous bleeding The introduction of the bag also causes bleeding by the separation of the placenta during insertion If strong labor pains are not induced the bao- is not firmly held against the placenta unless tral.-tion is applied. Very many surface groAvths disappear of themselves; otherrs remain throughout life unchanged; some vanish after acute local changes involving the parts where they are lodged; others again, after varying periods of quiescence, undergo malignant changes of great augmentation in volume. By IlARorD Skssions, Published and sent prepaid to any address by THE" REVIEW" AGAIN STRENGTHENED.

A very important role in digestion; but now it is only regarded as of importance in the absorption of fats.

The general appearance had improved wonderfully; he was bright and active, and said he felt vigorfms. Moderate doses of morphin had not abated the suffering in the least.

The tongue is but slightly coated, bowels usually constipated, the action of the kidneys is slightly increased. Second series, This magnificent index, which has reflected more credit on American medical literature than almost any other work, and has done more to make the medical literature of the work available than any other, is progressing at the rate of two volumes a year, and in the same careful and accurate manner characteristic of the preceeding volumes. Now, separating these two periods of parallelism between the curve of consumption and the curve of drunkenness, there come the two years decided fall, which is' much more accentuated during the following vear, so that, as compared with Regulate on sound phj-siological lines the modes and times and circumstances of drinking, and, within reasonable limits, the amount of consumption may with confidence be left to the operation of economic forces, among which I include appropriate taxation. While improvement in the sanitation of workshops was marked, much of such work remained to be done m homes.