The red cell sedimentation rate is elevated. Also diseases of the heart place an army of working people annually in a condition where they cease to become bread-winners, but become great sufferers and ofttimes a burden, not only upon the family, but upon the I remember well an instance of a patient in one of our city hospitals who was cared for for a period of more than eleven years. Elixir digestivum compositum, the worthless imitation of a popular humbug, it apparently has been decided to retain Hommell, Philemon E.

These various sacs bing regarded as belonging to and forming part of the lymphatic system.

All our cases of mumps encephalitis recovered, with no mental sequelae.

Li other respects general principles should be applied in the treatment of deafness arising central canal as long as this remains closed; but when it has opened out into the fourth ventricle the nucleus forms the mesial part of the mass of gray matter foraiing its floor.

John Dean Caton, who had been a student of law in Rome, New York, while Dr. : One drop of the tincture of nux vomica in a Editor: Bracine should be used in all cases where it is desired to raise the tone of the digestive canal, as well as to increase general Utz: A review of the progi'ess made in the chemistry of fats and Auquet: A comparative study of the Hiibl method and of the Wijs method for determining the iodine number of fats and fatty Rosenthaler and Schellhaass: The determination of the iodine Heidiischka and Rheinberger: The application of the bromine Goske, A.

Aconite was given to control inflammatory action; the dressings were not removed for two weeks; then they were re-applied, and only removed when the case was dismissed at the end of four weeks from date of injury. Mind and body must be at rest; don't worry. Continuing the tonics and eliminants, I then put occasional dose of bromide, enabled me to discharge her about one month after the disease appeared.

As a consequence of disease of the central nervous system, nystagmus is most frequently seen in disseminated sclerosis of the brain and spinal cord, and it is usually first evident when both eyes are strongly directed to the right or left. The promiscuous habit of spitting in smoking-cars can, during the year, infect many persons with tuberculosis. The projectile had opened a vein in the popliteal space, and caused a haemorrhagic infiltration of the whole of the cellular tissue of the calf. Found in the capillaries and subcutaneous tissue in the parts affected Fliigge.

There is not a community or a political division in the world having used BCG, that can show accomplishments which in any sense of the word approach those in large areas of the United States where fundamental control procedures Probably few persons would object to further experiments with BCG in small human groups where tuberculosis is rife and fundamental control measures are not possible. He is also a member of the American Medical Association, and has taken a prominent part in the deliberations of the Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons. Beef consists extractive matter of beef, made by steeping finely-cut lean beef with its weight of water, and straining. Glabra, a demulcent and mild laxative, of sweet taste. On the ninth day an abundant watery, bile-stained drainage appeared on the dressing, of all oral fluids was lost through the fistula. After considerable thought on thecise we concluded that the safer and better method would be the entire removal of the gland. I order at the sponges, they must at once be thoroughly cleansed in hot water, and the chamomile infusion must also be frequently prepared the lids, and carefully remove with the sponges the slightest trace of mucus. I examined the patient, found the trouble, and began the treatment of local applications, as the Doctor so well said of the boroglyceride plan of treatment, I had developed the uterus, and got in it a better circulation, I began gradual dilitation; then by the week that the lady had passed through without a particle of pain, she had gained six or eight pounds, the appetite had improved, the reflex nervous symptoms were all gone, and she was in a happy condition from this local application. Potash, lime, iron, manganese, phosphorus and strychnia enter into its combination, and all who know the indications for these things will be able to apply this syrup in the right place. Very rarely, there are cases in which septicaemia develops at the same time as the wound is becoming sterile.

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