A calculus may be found to be the origin of the trouble, although no symptoms were manifested. There is one very important etiological difference between cholera morbus and true cholera, which is also of great diagnostic value, and that is that almost invariably cholera morbus is traceable to a severe and irritating exciting cause, such as a meal of indigestible fruits or vegetables, or imperfectly cooked or decomposing fish or shell-fish, while cholera comes on without any such cause, or succeeds trifling derangements of digestion, which in other than cholera seasons pass away without harmful results. At times, on the other hand, it remains on the tonsils for some davs after all constitutional disturbance has disappeared. Of the micro-organisms found in the healthy urethra the large diplococcus predominated, while none of the cocci and diplococci became decolorized by Gram's method. To carry off the"dregs" of the catarrh, he was given lozenges composed of licorice and cubeb, an old-fashioned but effective and very acceptable composition. The good effects of immersion were thereby lost Dr. Not in person, shall return such voting-paper marked, enclosed, sealed, authenticated and attested in such manner as the Council shall from time to time direct and require, and so as the same shall be received by the Secretary, or person acting for him, not later than the time appointed for the commencement of such the College exclusive of the Members of Council being actually present, the Chairman having declared the business of the day, and appointed two of the Fellows present to act as Scrutineers in taking the result of the Ballot, the Secretary or person acting for him shall announce to the Meeting the names of the several Candidates so published as aforesaid in the order in which such names were so published, except the name or names of such of the said Candidates as shall previously have signified to the Secretary in writing his or their desire not to proceed to the Election, whereupon a Ballot shall be forthwith taken for the Election of such a number of Members as shall be required to fill up the vacancies in the Council, and the Secretary or person acting for him shall thereupon deposit in the Ballot-box the voting-papers which ho shall have duly received, and such Ballot shall be kept open for two hours; and at the expiration of such two hours, the Balloting-box shall, in the presence of the two Scrutineers, be opened by the Chairman, who shall, in the presence and with the concurrence and assistance of the two Scrutineers, ascertain the result of such Ballot, and shall forthwith declare the names of the Fellows elected into such vacancies, and thereupon the Election of such Fellows to be Members of the Council shall be deemed to be and be obtain an equal number of votes, the right of such Candidates to be elected shall be determined by their seniority in standing as Fellows of the College, the senior of a Member, the Fellow, of those elected, who shall have been so elected by the smallest number of votes, shall be the substitute Member of Council in the room of such Member; and when more than one such vacancy shall be required to be so filled up, the Fellow elected by the smallest number of votes shall be the substitute in the room of that Member whose period of Office would have first terminated, and so in regard to each of such vacancies respectively. The next step in the line of my investigation was the inquiry whether immune serum also becomes inactive by a temporary stay in the peritoneal cavity. Sickness rates; relation between occupation and mortality; life tables, their construction and interpretation; the value of statistical facts, averages, and methods. Piffard with regard to the value of tubercle bacillus with a quarter-inch lens, a statement which a few years ago would have been regarded as moonshine. Hibbett, and several of the wardroom officers and crew were ill.

Finally, in the last stages, cell nests appear in the submucosa, detached from the surface epithelium, and the process becomes definitely epitheliomatous. The degrees vary somewhat, so that examples of lymph sinus proliferation may be met with along with other changes of greater severity. Examination showed a fixed left dorsal lateral extreme, but the ribs were very little misshapen. He resumed his experimental pursuits, and was encom-aged in his work by Lord Shelbm-ne, who liking to see him perform his the simple apparatus required for the great service to science performed at the laboratory in Calne. You try it on these smaller ones. Just as in aphasia a patient is apt to lose his isolated names first and to retain his verbs the longest, so when his sensorimotor cortex is injured he retains the more fundamental use of his limb and loses the luxury functions of the hand and sometimes the sensory functions which are associated with the motor functions of this type.

He thought that without question the torsion was caused by the efforts of the patient to reduce the hernia, but although this may, and probably did, increase the trouble, other cases have shown that it can take place without a known active cause.

Humanity needs to be taught more on the direful effects of tobacco.

Edye, Stonard, Monte Video, Uruguay, S. Amputation is performed by making an oblique incision, so as to make a cone of the stump of the uterus and a corresponding depression in the parts left behind. Eye in sections, are in the interlobular tissue and about the laige veins, which latter show leukocytic wandering and diapedesis through injection the changes are considerably more marked than in the preceding specimen. An indurated, more or less circumscribed, dark red, painful, deep-seated inflammation of the skin and sub cutaneous connective tissue, terminating in a slough and the subsequent production of a permanent cicatrix.

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